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Burnt - Invisible Alert - 4Ms

Someone shared this video and for some reason it made me tear up a bit. Maybe I just know the feeling of needing help or I watch too much ID tv and know the evil capable of so many. But for once I'm in love with an app! A useful app!
Watch it, learn more about Invisible Alert and see if this is something your family could use.

I don't have a smartphone, but if our family did, I'd want this, especially in this day and  age.

Just last night we had the fear of a murder suspect hiding out in our neighborhood. I can assure you, I turned all my lights on and I didn't have to wonder too much how I'd defend my children. My 2nd amendment rights were near at hand.

So share the video if you feel and check it out.

Pink is burning me up and telling me: 'You've gotta get up and try, try, try. I like this song though, maybe it's the beat or everything, but I like it.

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  1. That's the first Pink video I've ever seen. Did that acrobatic lady REALLY just have a baby? LOL Good for her. :)

    Happy Monday!

    1. I know right! She is very fit!

      I love good choreography! She did well!

  2. The Silent Alert app looks really cool. I hope it works as well as it shows in the video. I'm gonna check it out. Ohhh, that's a bit scary to think of a murderer on the loose. It's good to know you had the stopping power at your finger tips, if needed. Great work-out tune with Pink! Have a great musical week, my friend.

    1. They caught him! Next morning. I was relieved!

  3. The Silent Alert app is brilliant - hopefully they'll make it available for Android phones, I'll definitely add it. Scary you had a murderer on the loose in your neighborhood! The world sure has gotten scary, hasn't it?

    LOVE the P!nk video - perfect choice! :)

    We Are Young Chasing The Sun so we’ll Live While We’re Young because It’s Time to Undo It and Turn On The Radio Good Girl!

    1. It's very eye opening when it's right in your front door!

  4. Going to send this to all my loved ones. My granddaughters are close to their teenage years and it would be good for them to know. How can I thank you for sharing such an important thing to know. Hugs, love your choice for today also. I love Pink. She can so tell a story & such talent she shares is amazing.

    1. *HUGS*
      We have to share things that matter so others can benefit *HUGS*

      And yes I need to find more pink music :)

  5. If I had a smart phone, that is one app that I would have! You keep your second amendments rights near you, hon. We don't want to hear about anything bad happening to you or your family. Pink's song was so good! Thanks for sharing her.

    1. Murderers care not for lives, so I have to protect ours. Esp since the police would be 'on their way'

  6. I came back to watch the silent app video ( I was rushing last time I was here because of school). You're right, that's an AWESOME app.

    1. I always appreciate your time here Rosey *HUGS*

  7. She certainly got her work out! I loved the video and the demo of the app; so useful!!

  8. I couldn't get the Silent Alert video to play....but I'll look up elsewhere because it sounds like a great idea.
    LOVE that video and song from Pink! Like I didn't already think she was cool enough. brilliant.

    1. I do hope you get it to work. It's awesome!

  9. Whoa, no smartphone? Well that changes, as well as the layout for your site. Love it! ;)

  10. Pink is something else. I really like her these days!
    That to have!

    Sorry getting here so late this week.
    ~Naila Moon

    1. It's no problem dahling. I have to be late at times too! :)


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