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Lovendar iPhone App - Improve Your Romantic Relationship!

We fall in love. We commit our life to another until death or other unforeseen circumstances. We ride the two year high and then come crashing down as roommates, wondering what happened or what is happening.

No one told us we'd come back to earth and even if they did, we did not have ears for them to listen to such things.

Well whether you are still happily in love, have landed back on earth or pushing milestones in marriage, we all need some ideas to help us keep the romance alive.

One of these ideas is the Lovendar Iphone App - Improve Your Romantic Relationship!

The Lovendar app is designed for two people to capture and share their wishes and turn them into each other's actions.

Tired of guessing what your partner want? Lovendar helps you take the guesswork out of love. Its a gilt-free place to ask for what makes you happy from a foot massage to a romantic dinner in the woods. One rule makes it work: If its on Lovendar, its important to you. Many couples use it to plan romantic dates, and even capture the cute things their kids say.
Ladies love it because they can capture what's important to them and communicate it to their partner effectively. Men love it because it helps them stay on track, making their wives happy and feeling productive and appreciated.  The first app I check every morning is Lovendar,  to see what can I do today to be the best partner I can be. And if more couples would develop this healthy habit (instead of checking their facebook or twitter feeds), in the matter of days a great relationship would literally transform into something incredibly special.

With a clean, intuitive design, Lovendar is simple to use and customize to your unique relationship.  Use it to:
  • - Create a wish list of gifts you actually want, with pictures and directions where to buy
  • - Build a list of your favorite restaurants, foods and wines, with pictures, notes, and locations
  • - Chart your favorite movies together, and the ones you want to watch
  • - Store your ideas for great date nights, with pictures, directions and details
  • - Plan vacations, weekend getaways that have special romantic meaning to you
  • - Create a bucket list of your life’s greatest dreams and goals – or a hot list of things to do together this week
  • - Build plans and delight with the things your partner wants most
You can try this app for yourself for free with the winning promotional codes for you and your significant other, or you can purchase the app from iTunes.

The Lovendar iPhone App will also be free on Valentine's Day.

Check out this recent article on Lovendar to learn more.

5 WINNERS: Two codes each to try Lovendar iPhone App.

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Have you seen this app before?

What do you do to keep the romance alive in your relationship?

Lovendar Website - Take the Guesswork out of Love

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  1. This is the first time I have heard of this app. Me and my husband try to have regular date nights and we have great sexual chemistry so we can't keep our hands off of each other. Plus he deploys a lot so absence makes the heart grow fonder on a regular basis in our home.


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