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Memories of Drivers Ed

My friend just share photos of her son getting his handbook to study for drivers Ed. He will begin learning to drive, taking the test and all that comes with such a huge responsibility. He is fourteen years old.

I realized that I will never have that phase where I was a teen and had my parents allow me to learn to drive and getting my first time with a vehicle alone etc, but such is life.

How about you? Do you remember your first time learning to drive? 
Was it at school in Drivers Ed or with a family member? 
Were they good teachers?

I learned to drive at age 26 I think. I was pregnant with my second child and it was no longer safe to run across five lanes of traffic to get to the store, nor was it feasible to keep waiting for my husband to take me on errands after work. I had to drive.

You hear talk of not allowing a spouse to teach you, but my husband was a very good teacher and very patient and VERY BRAVE! haha. I mean he allowed me to drive him and our son around the community! Well it was mostly just to the parking lot and back, but it was jarring for me.

I went from 2mph in the parking lot to being able to just whiz around town now, and get annoyed at slow people and even more annoyed at slow people in the left lane :)

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  1. I learned to drive as a teenager. We had to take a class and my school offered it after school. Although, my parents had to pay for it, it was not included in our tuition ( I went to a private Catholic school). In addition both my parents added extra instruction, mostly my Father, my Mother tended to get a little scared lol. I couldn't wait to drive.

    1. I can't comment on the post, but I can hit reply (I dunno why, lol). I paid a small FORTUNE for my second oldest to learn to drive. This state runs a program that is mandatory and costs about $500 for all of the classes. And no one seems to mind (but me).

      He was STILL on a step after two years (they gradually take off restrictions) and moved to Florida where he promptly got a license in fifteen minutes flat. I think they do that to get money here...the steps, restrictions, and fees. They say they do it to make teens safer drivers. -_-

    2. I just encountered that too Rosey! I could only hit reply on another blog. I think blogger was down a bit or being weird.

      I agree that is a lot of money! They just trying to scrape you out as much as possible!

  2. That was funny...2mp to being aggressive now are we? I remembered when I was taking driver's ed. I had some funny moments of passing the cars as we was one of those Amelia Bedelia moments...the instructor said something that could have meant several ways and of course I took it in the way he didn't mean. I didn't get in trouble but did make everyone in class laugh out loud, including the instructor.

    1. Haha my kids love Amelia Bedelia!

      Those are fun moments to remember later and be able to laugh :)

  3. It was so long ago I almost forgot when it was. My boyfriend at the time taught me to drive which was not a good thing because we always fought. I was always looking around and not paying attention to what I was doing :)

  4. Ha! Love the one about the trousers!

  5. When I learn how to ride a bike, I got a lot of bruises before I learned it.

  6. A friend and my cousin taught me to drive, and they were very pleasant people to be around. My family didn't think I could drive because my right leg is very much useless, but these people allowed me to try and were willing to teach me :-)

    1. It's always such healing to our souls when we find people who sees our hope and loves us enough to give us the opportunities.

      A very inspiring share Icy!


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