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6 Birthday Gifts for a New Mom

I remember what it was like to be a new mom. My first year I was keen on everything. My next year I was more relax because of experience and research. Part of that was knowing what I would love to have as gifts or help as a new mom.

6 Birthday Gifts for a New Mom should be very helpful for you gifters!

New moms are faced with frustration, joy and exhaustion all brought on by caring for a newborn. While a woman may love celebrating the birth of her child, she'd also love for someone to celebrate her special day. If you know a new mom with a birthday coming up, here are six gift ideas that will help relieve the stress of a new baby and make her feel remembered.

Provide Her with Dinner

New mothers can use help, especially when it comes time to prepare dinner. If you are comfortable cooking, create a full meal for her. Ensure that it will be easy to reheat if necessary. Add in a special birthday cupcake meant just for her.
If your cooking skills are not up to the task, you still have options. Contact a catering service or her favorite cafe to have a special meal delivered right to her. Consider a gift certificate to a restaurant as another option, and offer to baby sit while she enjoys a night out.

The Gift of Relaxation

Gifts designed for relaxation are easy to put together. Create a basket of calming bath oils and body lotions. Arrange for her to enjoy a manicure or a new haircut. If you are not limited financially, schedule a massage for her to enjoy at home. Before finalizing any appointments, make sure you check with her schedule.

Peace of Mind

Unless you want to go above and beyond the call of friend duty (which is totally OK), this gift is probably best for the birthday girl's husband or parents to give. Safety is on every mom's mind. Put her at ease with a family-friendly vehicle like a Honda Pilot or Subaru Outback. She's carrying precious cargo and needs a car she can rely on. Copycat the commercials and don't forget to wrap it with a giant bow!

Give Her a Hand with Her Workload

New mothers often don't have the time to keep up with housework while tending to their baby. A messy home can be stressful, especially if frequent visitors are stopping by to see the new infant. You can arrange a one-time cleaning serviceto give her the extra hand she needs. Hiring a postpartum doula is another option. This service can give a new mother the personal time she needs while a professional cares for the baby and home.


A new mother does not have the chance to get out for entertainment. She may not be able to watch her favorite TV shows or read any new books with her baby’s schedule. Buy or borrow some of her favorite comedies so she can enjoy a movie while feeding or rocking the baby. Or consider getting her a subscription to Netflix and she can choose her own movies when she has time.

Give Her Your Time

You may not feel you have the resources to give a special gift. Some of the best birthday gifts for her do not require money. Offer to baby-sit while she enjoys a relaxing bath or long overdue nap. Ask her if you can help with the house cleaning or yard work. Provide her with some of your time, so she can enjoy some time of her own.

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  1. these are very good tips for a new mom. Most of what I would appreciate after giving birth.

  2. Oh how I wish someone would have given me a new car when I had any one of my babies, lol. :)

    The list is good, and any gift at all I'm sure would be appreciated, it's a very wonderful but hectic time when you have a new one in the house.

  3. Oh a spa day would be wonderful...

  4. The Dinner idea is golden. I do that often for others and it is always much appreciated!

  5. Very valuable tips, these would have helped me tons 15 years ago!

  6. Love this. I did a great post on Frugal Baby Shower gifts and my biggest suggestion was giving you time. Moms need lots of help those first few months, an offering to cook a meal, clean the house, or watch the baby for an hour while she naps is worth more than a new stroller.

  7. I love the "give her a hand w/ workload" tip. It would have been great if I had some help!

  8. I love all of these ideas! Praying for a baby soon!

  9. Those are excellent ideas! I would have loved any one of them!

  10. These are great birthday gift ideas for a new mom! A hot dinner is definitely worth it's weight in gold--and would be very much appreciated.


  11. These are great gifts to give ANY mom! Even those with toddlers :)

  12. Great tips - I remember having my birthday 4 days after my first son was born. I was so out of it. I'd be happy with any of these gifts any year.

  13. Thank you! A friend of mine is due next month and I was really wondering what to get her. I love the idea of dinners.


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