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Meeting Evil

I watched the whole movie and took it at face value until the ending and then I wanted to know what was that all about! I wanted to sit down with the director and ask him to explain in minute detail every scene!!

If you've watched it and want to see more discussion, then do visit this website. For now I'll settle with the quote summary below:

The movie personified the seven deadly sins:

1. Lust: John relationship with co worker
2. Gluttony: The constant reference of being fat and the over eating of the children.
3. Greed: The wife hiring the hitman for the insurance money.
4. Sloth: The messy home of the grandma and the kid.
5. Wrath: The killing spree of Richie.
6. Envy: The reference made by the cop about these rich people having problem.
7. Pride: The cockiness of the lead detective thinking he knows how it all went down.

Each character seem to embodied each sin. Also the naming of the character can imply something. John in the bible is known as highly spiritual characters. Richie can imply being rich. The bible stating it easier for camel to enter the eye of a needle than for a rich man to make it in. Just some thought and I agree the movie is a success, because of the amount of thought provocation it induced.

I think there can be so many interpretation and it can just be at face value for some, but for me, this was a very clever spin on a tale of humanity.
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  1. I like Samuel Jackson. Seems like he's in just about everything, doesn't it? :)

    1. And he seems to get the roles that are bold and with strong intent!

  2. It is disappointing when you sit through a movie and it is less than satisfying, I have done that way too many times and my husband usually says, "You owe me Lou" LOL

    1. It's good that you have that.

      I always feel dumb with my dh if I suggest a movie and it turns out to be a dud.
      So I prefer watching alone.

  3. I like to watch a movie that leaves me satisfied with the ending and feeling like I personally knew the cast.


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