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My Favorite Top 7 Books On Love For Your Children

I think as parents we should open all avenues of age appropriate discussions with our children in regards to the human emotions. Love. What is love they'll ask you. How will you explain?

With Valentines Day being screamed everywhere, I've notice more and more as the years pass, that children are being included in the marketing package.
It's good for children to see how a healthy relationship works and we hope that they'll learn quickly how important it is to love, be loved and understand the different types of loves.

With that in mind I will share my Favorite Top 7 Books On Love For Your Children #Valentines Day.

1. I Love My Mommy

I love my mommy very much,She's great to cuddle, soft to touch. Wonderfully child-like verses about everything that makes mothers irresistible to their little ones are illustrated with bright and bold pictures in this life-affirming book. Toddler-friendly, funny, and loving, this is an experience to be shared time and time again.

2. Guess How Much I Love You

3. The Velveteen Rabbit - I have this on the nook for my daughter and today she just found a copy at library and was still so excited to take it home!

Originally published in 1922, the classic story of a toy rabbit who loves a boy so much he eventually becomes real has charmed children—and adults—for nearly a century. This heirloom edition, containing Margery Williams’ original text paired with gorgeous paintings by award-winning illustrator Charles Santore, is sure to be treasured by families for many years to come.

By the time the Velveteen Rabbit is dirty, worn out, and about to be burned, he has almost given up hope of ever finding the magic called Real

4. Junie Be Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine

It's a mushy gushy mystery!

Hurray! February 14—Valentime's Day, as June B. calls it—is just around the corner. Junie B. can't wait to see all the valentimes she'll get. But she never expected a big, mushy card from a secret admirer! Who is this secret mystery guy, anyway? Junie B. is determined to find out!

When Junie B. Jones receives a mushy gushy "valentime" on Valentine's Day, she tries to find out who in her kindergarten class is her secret admirer.

5. The Runaway Bunny

A little bunny keeps runningaway from his mother in an imaginative and imaginary game of verbal hide-and-seek; children will be profoundly comforted by this lovingly steadfast mother who finds her child every time.

6. The Way Meat Loves Salt

Many years ago in Poland, there lived a rabbi who had a wife and three daughters. One day, the rabbi asks his children a powerful question: "How much do you love me?" His older daughters profess their love in gold and diamonds, but his youngest daughter, Mireleh, declares she loves her father the way meat loves salt. For this remark, she is banished from her father's home.

In this flavorful Jewish Cinderella tale, Mireleh's courageous journey is peppered with a perfect blend of magic and romance, leading to a reconciliation with her beloved father.

7. Where's My Sweetie Pie?

Little ones will love listening and playing along with this adorable lift-the-flap book from beloved Caldecott Award-winning author/illustrator, Ed Emberley. Featuring a heart-shaped die-cut on the front cover and seven fun lift-the-flaps inside, this interactive board book shows a variety of cuddly critters hiding in all different places-but there's no sweetie pie to be found! The anticipation of what's hiding on the next page will keep kids guessing and giggling all the way to the surprise ending-when a double lift-the-flap reveals a heart-shaped mirror and shows who the real sweetie pie is!

We love these books and hope that you'll find a favorite among them.
Don't forget to shop local or visit your local library to indulge in all things books!

What is your child's favorite book right now? 
What was one of your favorite at their age? 

Colette is a busy mom of 2 kids focusing solely on being a mom. She hails from the Caribbean and now balances the full life of being a SAHM and dabbling in odd jobs to help around the home. She enjoys sharing her memories, hopes, food, travel, entertainment, and product experiences on her blog. Please read my disclosure 
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  1. Guess How Much I Love YOu and the Runaway Bunny are favorites here too!

  2. My son's aunt got him 'Guess how much I love you' when he was born. She said it was her two little one's favorite book for years so she wanted him to have it too. ;)

    I recently d/loaded The Velveteen Rabbit on my Kindle because as much as I love to read, I'd never read that one!!

    Four more days until Valentine's Day...the year's moving by so fast already!

    1. The love of books passed on in love eh.
      A beautiful thing.

      I agree. The year is going fast.

  3. we got Guess How Much I Love You from the hospital... and Runaway Bunny as a baby gift..
    great list

  4. Love your selection! I love to read quality books to my babies.

  5. Great book choices! We have most of those!

    1. Thank you! Wish I had a library instead of boxes :)

  6. I knew some of these books, but not all of them. Great reference for upcoming Valentine's Day parties. Thanks!

    1. Thank you :) Glad I could introduce some new ones

  7. I love "Guess How much I Love You"! I will have to check the others out though. I love great books for kids!

    1. I hope you did check them out! I love that book too.

  8. My fave is The Kissing Hand!

  9. We are heading to the library tomorrow, I have only heard of two of these so I will have to check out the others. I love - Guess How Much I Love You and Runaway Bunny

    1. I hope you had found them! They are all good!

  10. Great books! The Velveteen rabbit was a childhood favorite of mine.

    1. Thank you Krystie. It's a wonderful book!

  11. We have all of these books and they are well worn!! thanks for sharing

  12. Sweet books!! We have several of those.


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