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Songs Of Love And Fun With Mah Loves - 4Ms

Today was a beautiful day, despite the threat of rain and hail and all things weather bad.
Church was good. A message I hoped my husband had heard. A message I hope to remember.

Then the kids and I played rambunctiously at the park for quite a long time. I even played with other people's kids. I kept wondering if it was strange for a grown woman to be playing with kids, while all the other adults sat around looking bored or waiting patiently for their little one to have the little fun and then get to go home.

I was sitting there too for just a few minutes and then I figured I'd rather be alive and grab the day! And that is what I did.

I compete on the swings with the other kids.
Such delight. I laughed and felt like I was a little girl again. I could almost hear what I would sound like as a little child having fun. That was rather strange.

Then the chasing of tag with all the kids. I told them, it wasn't fair to try to chase an old woman as I ran away! They assured me, that I was NOT old and would be tagged! Hahaha the fun of it!

I played until I wanted an oxygen mask.

My kids loved it.
They tell me how awesome it is and that they love playing with me.
I'm usually the parent, helping, teaching, disciplining and now I WILL make every effort to have fun with my babies. Just PLAY.

Then it was home. On the way it was wonderful music to be deaf to, since it was so loud. Everyone singing their hearts out! And lunch being discussed.
We took the long way home. We have had a blessed day.

After a few hours at home, they wanted to go bike riding. Why yes of course mommy will indulge. There is never too much play with little ones.
I do declare it was fun! We took different routes and definitely had some mini adventures!

Hope y'all had a great weekend.
I'll come visit all on the linky as time allows.

THEME: LOVE - songs without the word "LOVE" in the title :)

Crystal encapsulates everything the dazzling qualities of her name implies—although that name came to her in quite an unusual fashion.  “Crystal” came at the suggestion of Brenda Gayle Webb’s older sister, Loretta Lynn—who knowing there was already a ‘Brenda Lee’ currently successful in the music industry—suggested her younger sibling adopt the name ‘Crystal’ when she began recording.

Welcome to today's music.  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
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  1. Crystal Gayle has such a full and sweet voice. I love her songs.

  2. I do like a bit of Crystal Gayle thanks for sharing :-)

    Have a musiclicious week ;-)

    1. I'll have to start using that 'musiclicious! :)

  3. Ahh that takes me back; my mom listened to her when I was young.

  4. My grandparents loved Crystal Gayle.

    Your park fun sounded terrific. My husband and the older kids all play at the park too, running around on the equipment and playing tag. It's hilarious (and you're right the kids LOVE it). If I take the little one alone, I sit on the side because I really am an old lady now, lol, but I do like to watch them having fun. :)

    1. Kids are wonderful beings aren't they :)

  5. Look at you having fun being a kid with your kids! I love it! :) And I love your song choices, too. :) Have a great week, Callie! :)

    Gimmie That Girl, my Honey Bee, She’s Everything – Bless The Broken Road because these Little Moments Felt Good On My Lips

  6. OMG I've never heard of Crystal Gale in ages! Brought back some memories. I also thought it was great that you played with the kids. Good for both the lungs and soul :)

  7. a legend. beautiful and such a lovely voice.

  8. I never that history of Crystal Gayle! I just remember her long hair and country music.

  9. What a great day at the park and bike riding. Wow, I haven't listened to Crystal Gayle in years and I always wanted her long beautiful brown hair :)

    1. Thanks Lucy.

      Yes I remember wanting her hair so bad when I was a child! :)

  10. Love the quality time you get to spend with your youngins' Crystal Gayle - a blast from the past! She is definitely the romantic songstress! Sweet choices comin' from a sweet lady!

  11. Sounds like such a wonderful day!

  12. I was one of those Mom's too even up into high school years. What am I saying, I still am! HA!

    I like Crystal Gayle and nice to hear again.
    Great pick and have a great week.

    1. Awesome!
      We have to take time to put fun in there with being parents!

  13. lovely choices & sounds like you are an awesome mom!

  14. I don't know who Crystal Gale is, but she sure does have a lovely voice. Kinda soothing, yah? Thanks for sharing. :D


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