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Where Do Babies Come From? - #BigGame Parenting

The Superbowl for me this year was about the commercials. I wasn't close to either team, so rooting for the underdog was just the way to go to make it exciting.

I really enjoyed many of the commercials and I'm pretty sure you did too if you were watching and didn't take it as a bathroom break :)

One of my favorite was the Kia advertisement about space babies. A father was answering the question from his son in regards to where do babies came from?

My favorite part was after the father's explanation and the son started to counteract with where his friend Jake said babies came from. The father then quickly cuts him off and had the vehicle find a singalong :)
Seriously funny!
Are you afraid to answer the big questions? I'm bold with my answers to my children. I want me to be their first line of truth so they don't get in trouble going exploring under the gym.

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Another great thing I noticed about Kia? They have the 7-seater I've been dreaming about :) I want more children and this would mean getting a bigger vehicle, but I'm just NOT the minivan type...well hubs isn't so I don't think I'd get one, and Kia has one that I'd love to own!

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Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Kia Motors

One day I'd love to throw a superbowl party just for a few friends. I would do that just for the experience because honestly I prefer to hang out in my own house and get as loud as I want, burp and look unkempt etc. Just so much more comfy. Unless you are with family and you can do that anyway.

If you watched the superbowl, what was your favorite commercial?
Did your parents make themselves open to you asking curious questions about babies and things of sexual nature?

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  1. Oh my I had no idea they had a seven seater. This commercial is adorable! Also look at the air bags and surrounds. I like that a lot.

  2. It was cute, but not my favorite of the evening. I too watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. Sadly, this year I felt a little let down. I did really enjoy the And God Made a Farmer commercial.

    Love the Kia though, and with baby #3 on the way this Spring, and we are currently looking to upgrade and up-size.

  3. I absolutely loved that commercial! Cracks me up! My kids ask that question all the time, and They just aren't old enough to explain it all to them. So yeah, I totally loved that commercial.

  4. I enjoyed the commercial as well. My favorite was the baby one as well. Made you go awwww :)

  5. Love that Kia, and I stayed in the kitchen so I missed it all. I was cooking and writing lol.

    My mom did not talk about sex. It seemed like a subject she just could not broach. All I remember is that nudity is "nasty" and guys don't marry girls unless they are virgins. Poor Mom. :-)


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