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Beauty In Being Natural

My daughter has beautiful natural hair. I hope she will love her hair and treasure it.
As a child, I did not have someone to help me learn about my hair, love my hair and embrace myself as a person, and I seek to do this for my daughter, for my children.

Now her hair is quite a lot and it's a big project when it's time to get it done.

I've been through the tears and the whining and the begging and the feelings in your tummy that you are going to explode if you hear one more cry.

I'm combing her hair or washing her hair and praying to God to help me keep it together. I'm trying my BEST to be as gentle as possible because I remember how it felt, when I was a child and some uncaring person was doing my hair.  The difference was, that I'd sit silently and hurt inside, afraid to cry or voice that it hurt. Because they'd probably stop doing my hair and I'd panic to find someone to get it done for me.

So I'm always as gentle as I can be. Of course it's hair and it will snag or the scalp might be sensitive more than other times. So many things to consider.

And gosh sometimes with all the crying, my heart breaking, I wonder if the neighbors are going to call the cops!!

We've come a long way.

She still cries but not as she did when she was younger.

She sit for me. I bring out the big guns: books, movies, and that's the only time she gets to play with my nook tablet :)

She loves to read, so there is no problem there.

And sometimes we begin here:

and end here:

She loves the finish.
I'm very happy because I do not want her to have to be self conscious about hair while trying to learn.

Do you do your child's hair? 
Or Do they go to the salon? 

Colette is a busy mom of 2 kids focusing solely on being a mom. She hails from the Caribbean and now balances the full life of being a SAHM and dabbling in odd jobs to help around the home. She enjoys sharing her memories, hopes, food, travel, entertainment, and product experiences on her blog. Please read my disclosure 
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  1. That's absolutely gorgeous. I don't do my daughter's hair, she does it herself if she wants to change things up.

    When we lived in FL we had a friend there who would put my daughter's hair in French braids, it was very pretty, but I never did learn to do it right. You do a great job.

    1. Thank you Rosey.
      Soon she'll want to do it herself.
      I encourage her to practice with it. That's what I did as a child :)

  2. Such beautiful hair. I'm so glad to see that you are helping your daughter with her hair. I try but I'm not the best at hair myself. I think its one of the essential parts of a girl's self image.

    1. Thank you.

      It is very essential and will be throughout their whole lives. And so I want to ensure a positive imagine.

  3. Beautiful hair!! my little one is just at the age where she is learning to brush her own hair!!

    1. And they are so cute when they are doing it themselves! :)

  4. it looks BEAUTIFUL!
    way to go ...
    broxton just gets a haircut.
    i pay the shop to do it, as EVERY TIME I TRY...

    1. It's not like you are using a brush and comb :) If the boy can't sit nicely, I'd definitely get to the salon :)

  5. Wow, that must take a long time to do her hair. It looks really cute!

    1. Sometimes it will take a long time and sometimes not. I guess it depends on how big or small or the style it's done in :)
      Thank you Melissa.

  6. Oh your daughter is just beautiful, and you can really tell you do a great job at maintaining her hair. My daughter's hair knots up and always looks messy no matter what we do. Today is spring picture day at her school and we curled it the night before, I recently had made her soft curlers so she could sleep on them. Ton's of conditioner, ton's of gentle brushing to remove knots, then finally I could put the curlers in. This morning, thankfully it had stayed "semi" smooth I could brush through lightly. I can't stand her tears or the cries of pain, it breaks my heart, so I slowly do her hair every night in braids so she doesn't wake up with knots, but when she wants her hair straight, I cringe, because I know we will be dealing with the knotty mess that detangler sprays just do not work on.

    1. Oh Melissa!!!
      You speak my language!
      It's heart breaking to listen to the cries, the little flinches, the ows the ouches. Sigh.
      But it will be a journey for us and them, so they can endure and love their locks.
      Society is all too frivolous and soon, they'll be compounded to put all sorts of chemicals in to get it this way and that.

      Sometimes I don't mind if she falls asleep. I'll twist like a pretzel to get it done while she sleeps, but afterward I just hurt. *shakes head*
      What we moms do eh.

      And no the detanglers (I've tried them) Do not work!!
      I wish I had a science background. I'd surely try to make something on my own.

      Ahh life eh :)

  7. I vaguely remember my sister and I being younger and my mom having issues doing our hair, too. She finally took it upon herself to get us a haircut--ALL chopped off o.O

    To this day I HATED that haircut.

    What a nice and caring mom you are to take the time to do your daughter's hair all pretty like that :) She's definitely got quite the head of hair!

    1. I bet you hide the photos of those days huh!
      I'd bawl if all my hair was just chopped off like that :)

      Thank you sis.

  8. She is blessed with such a full head of lovely hair. Colette thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful daughter. You did an amazing job and I know she was only too proud to wear her new braids.

    I only had two daughters to comb hair and would keep the boys hair cut. I cut and styled everyone's hair myself. My daughters both hated to have their hair washed and would scream bloody murder until they got older. I even had protective services called on me once. I would take so much care to be gentle and use tear free shampoo but they just hated water in their faces. Girls and their hair...My oldest son has 8 and he learned from me how to comb and care for their hair. They are beautiful young ladies and their hair is so much a part of their self esteem, just like you said.

    1. Thank you Judy.

      Thank you for sharing.
      Gosh I feel your pain! I know what that crying is like. Sometimes you just have to take a break because your heart is in your throat!

    2. I also love that your son is so hands on and appreciated learning so he could help.

  9. I love your daughter's finish too, Colette. You did very good with hers.

    I have two daughters but they just did their own thing. Now oned is a high-roller and the other is a back-to-earth lady, both are grown up.

    1. Thank you Jim.

      It's always interesting the paths our children will take.

  10. Well, that is a lot of hair to work with, and I bet it takes a lot of time.
    1) I do my daughter's hair. She too has a lot of hair. Luckily I have a licensed to do hair. I used to work for John Jay in NOrleans, if you remember them before they became Regis. He had schools and salons.
    2) I am the only one that visits the salon once in a blue moon because I can't do my own hair - touch ups maybe. My family goes to me for their hair needs. :-) Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for participating in the T2Q as always.

    1. Amanda that is wonderful.
      I should consider getting a license! I could learn so much!

      You are welcome.
      Happy Friday! :)

  11. First off thanks for dropping by, and you stated..They were so cute all dressed up! They is my brother, and myself! hehehehe Now, when my girls were little I never really had too much trouble combing there hair out because it was baby fine until my youngest got older and I let it grow long and I do mean long. Then it happened... LICE! OMG I didn't want to cut her long beautiful hair so the whining and the crying began because I was going piece by piece, strand by strand. Poor baby, and she even fell asleep finally when I was doing it one night... thank the Lord. We got through it though. I love the finished product too for your sweetie! You're a good Mommy!

    1. Ooh Dolly! I thought you said it was your young kiddies :) Now I gotta come peek at you again!

      Don't say the L word honey. *Runs away*

      Thank you Dolly :)

  12. Oh,my gosh, her hair is beautiful but I can imagine how hard it is for little ones to struggle through. My daughter never wanted her hair fussed with and as she grew up she was into sports, a ponytail was her life, we teased her because we were afraid she might never give the ponytail up, she has and she styles it herself :)

    1. That remains me of an episode with Carrie and Doug with her bun in King of Queens :) Too funny!

      Thank you Lucy!


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