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CuddleUppets - The Blankets That Are Puppets

The moment my kids saw the advertisement on television, they wanted their favorite CuddleUppets - The Blankets That Are Puppets for themselves!

At first I didn't get it, and because I'm usually skeptical of advertisements, I dismissed it as just something else to get the kids to nab the parents in opening their wallets.

I did try to see what it was about while visiting the store during Christmas time, but I figured the kids would get bored and want something better. Plus I couldn't open the package to really see the product.

You can imagine my little tickle when I was offered the opportunity to review a CuddleUppet of choice. I asked the girl to choose which one she liked and she choose the yellow dog. I would have loved to surprise her but I figured she'd want to choose.

Since then it's been a NIGHTMARE!
MOOOOOOOOOM it's my turn to have the CuddleUppet! Nooo It's MINNNNNEEE!
But You had it all day lastnight!!!! Yes I said all day last night.

Now I have to have a chart for who should have it when! Which means I'll have to let the boy get his own!

They love the thing! So now I know they would have made wonderful gifts.

My daughter says she loves that you can use it as a puppet.
My son says he loves using it as a puppet, that it's furry, soft, and just fun to play and sleep with.

I'm guessing he had more to say tonight since he was the the one sleeping with it :)

The CuddleUppets are soft and fun. Easy to clean and I love that you can just take it anywhere with you and not much space required at all!

What do you get when you cross a cuddly blanket with a cute puppet? You get a CuddleUppets, the blanket that's a puppet.
Let this soft Yellow Dog cuddle,' hug, and wrap your child in love with its 39- by 28-inch (L x W) blanket. The CuddleUppets Yellow Dog is easily washable, so kids can take it anywhere and not worry about getting it dirty.
It will entertain your child all day, and then become their warm and fuzzy friend at night. CuddleUppets come in variety of colorful animal styles.
Choose from seven colorful animal styles: Green Crocodile, Yellow Dog, Pink Poodle, Pink Ladybug, Blue Elephant, Purple Monkey, and Magic Unicorn.

When children put their hand in the CuddleUppets Yellow Dog, they bring it to life. Children will have fun making their Dog dance and wiggle. They can create a CuddleUppets show the whole family will enjoy.

When it's time to go to sleep, this Yellow Dog will cuddle up with your child. This Dog is the soft and fuzzy nighttime friend that's also a small blanket that keeps your child warm.
CuddleUppets Yellow Dog can easily be tossed in the washing machine for a quick cleanup. You can let your child take their fuzzy friend anywhere without worrying about getting it dirty.

CuddleUppets are approved and Parent Tested, Parent Approved by They've also been awarded the Best Vacation Children's Product from Dr. Toy.

I love this product. My kids love it. And I will now have to purchase one for the boychild :)

Do you own any of the CuddleUppets?
Is there a toy you enjoy just as much as your child?

Connect with CuddleUppets

I receive the Yellow Dog CuddleUppet to fascilitate this review.

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  1. Very cute...we are all about blankets here. I like that you can wash it.

    1. Especially that part!
      Thank you Krystyn!

  2. We sang the song all through the holiday season (from hearing it on the commercials). My son wanted one, but I didn't get it.

    You make them sound hard to resist now, he may end up with one for his birthday.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. The one I have is really lovely. Well not that I get to touch it, unless I'm picking it up off the floor after someone fell asleep and it fell out of bed. But it's so soft and cuddly and definitely something you can take anywhere. Even the store! Especially on cold days.

      If your son is interested in it. He'll love it!

      My 7 year old keeps BEGGING for one so I'll have to surprise him when I can. I was thinking I'd wait until May when it's his birthday. I gotta plan it all well you know :)

  3. What a fun idea! I love products that can double up. These would be great for car rides too.

    1. YES! I forgot to mention car rides!
      Thank you Tammy!

  4. My kids would be really upset with me for telling you, but they got Cuddleuppets several years ago and although they are 'too old' for them really still drag them out and play dog and bear (that's what theirs were). It's cute, and even years later they are still super soft and fuzzy :)

    1. It's awesome to hear that they do last a long time! And your kids will always have those memories!

      Thank you for sharing Jen! :)

  5. These are so cute and every time I see the I end up singing the song from TV. My son has one and he carries it everywhere!

  6. great review. these look so cute. thequeenfoswag

  7. how cute.
    broxton has been wanting one since the VERY FIRST time he saw the commercial


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