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Is Your Vehicle A Home Away From Home? - Share With #kiasocialclub

My car is my home away from home. Let's just call it my mobile home, because that's really what it has become.
As a mom, I have to ensure I have back up of most things and you can already guess where the back ups are kept. That's right, in my car!

My daughter has ballet. She puts on her leotards and shoes and dashes out so we can leave pronto. Mommy is usually running late, so we need to step on it! Then she forgets her tap shoes. No. It's in the car where you left it since last week from the previous ballet class! Are you so excited? Especially since we are half way there and there is NO WAY I'm turning around to go back home!

My son plays soccer. Enough said!
But seriously, he needs everything, extra clothing, socks, balls and of course you have to count my chair and umbrella for soccer days.
I can't tell you how many times that boy would have forgotten his own feet if I didn't have a back up in my car!

I keep everything in my car: coupons (how else am I going to remember them?), writing pads, pens, extra coins (we all do that right?), umbrellas, snacks, water, sunscreen and extra sweaters!
The sweaters are a blessing when they leave home in the mornings thinking our fickle weather is going to be warm, and turns out to be biting cold!

I have a schoolroom in my car too! I call it a school in a backpack. My daughter always need something to do when she goes out with me, to soccer or after her ballet, while waiting somewhere or at the store. So having this backpack with books and writing materials, crayons, pencils and everything school worthy, does help to pass the time and keeps me sane from the 'I'm booored", "mom what can I do?" laments that goes on and on. I got wise and figured I'd better pack a bag!

My car is also very old and falling apart. I try not to worry about it, but I know we'll need a new vehicle soon. I hope it will be a 7-seater because I want to have more children and will need the space, especially for the storage. Where that money is going to come from? Only God knows.

However I have my eye on the sleek Kia Sorento! Just feast your eyes on this beauty! (Unless you already have one, just be quiet and don't rub it in) I hope they have it in my color!
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Is your vehicle your second home? Or are you like my husband who wants his neat and tidy without a hint of occupation :)?
How do you entertain your children while in the vehicle?

One day I'll probably get a new vehicle. I'll love it. And come to think of it, I do remember when we first met, my husband had promised to buy me a car. Want to wager that he doesn't remember it? But how on earth could a gal forget such a lovely promise? Oh well.
The next best thing would be for me to be able to purchase one myself. Ahh the pride of hard work and ownership.

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Share with the #kiasocialclub how you entertain your kids while in the car? or if your vehicle is your home away from home.

Colette is a busy mom of 2 kids focusing solely on being a mom. She hails from the Caribbean and now balances the full life of being a SAHM and dabbling in odd jobs to help around the home. She enjoys sharing her memories, hopes, food, travel, entertainment, and product experiences on her blog. Please read my disclosure 
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  1. We play car games all the time. We are usually laughing so hard that the time FLIES!

    1. Oh yes! That's us!
      I love doing the funnies for them (faces, voices etc)

  2. Oh, that is a nice car!! And, yes, I remember those days so very well, the car was the second home :)

  3. Oh yes! My van is like my second home. As a nurse I have my supplies in case of an emergence(wraps, band-aids things like that). As a mom my supplies are bottle water and blankets. I also use it am my safe, I keep an emergence Pepsi in the back under the sit just in case the kids get on my last nerve and I have to drink it to save a

    1. Haha I do understand that one about the pepsi. I keep chocolates! haha.
      Thanks for sharing girl!

  4. That Kia is pretty. :) I have a stroller and an emergency kit (jumper cables, flares, etc.) in my car at all times. I take a little bag with me for things to do if we're going anywhere that requires 'not being bored time.' :)

    And of course we probably take the chipmunks along that keep burying their nuts in my A/C box and building nests in my engine. (Grrr).

    You're smart to always have sweaters in there. I didn't know it got cold where you live!

    1. Oh yes I remember when I had the stroller! Big thing!
      I need to get a good emergency kit. I don't think the ones I have in the trunk are that great.

      I think we take lizards and other insects around too Rosey.

      Oh and yes it can get awful cold here in winter! 30s.
      But when it gets hot (as my pastor says) Even the devil goes back to hell to cool off! lol

  5. You remind of me when my two oldest children were constantly on the move. I kept everything in my car too, and often said that I live in my care more than at home :-)

    1. We do have those phases don't we Icy.
      And then we miss them and then move on to other phases :)

  6. You are really wise to have things in your car to meet any occasion Colette. It is stressful when one is out and find that things are left behind. I hope you get a new car soon. That vehicle is so cool!

    1. Thank you Judy.
      I remember the panics before that taught me to be prepared :)

  7. aww promises, too many to remember, and mostly broken, but we have a father who has never broken His.

    1. That is why we buffer such things with God's love so our disappontments do not tear at our hearts :)

  8. BTW, to answer, I love to have things available for different events, but I try to keep them neat and organized.

    1. I try to keep them organized too Judy. Better that way or I'll get very anxious.


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