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5 Ideas To Consider When Shopping For A Wedding Ring

5 Ideas To Consider When Shopping For A Wedding Ring

When a couple agrees to be married they may go shopping together to select rings.  It’s an exciting prospect, but not one to be taken lightly.  If everything pans out you will be making this purchase only once in your life, but it’s a major purchase and it should be done with careful consideration.
You are likely not a jewelry expert when it comes to real pieces made from precious metals, gemstones, and diamonds, so how do you suppose you can find a beautiful ring while staying within budget?
Take heed to the five suggestions listed below and you’ll be well on your way to making a wise purchase at the jewelry store.

  1. Set a budget - It’s not a unique feeling to wish you could spend an unlimited amount on money on the purchase of a fine wedding ring.  It is, however, a reality that most people have to set a budget and stay within it when they go ring shopping.  Some jewelry shops are sneaky about their approach and can make a man feel that the level of his commitment and love to his sweetheart is related to the amount of money that he has available to spend on her ring.  The reality is that this could not be farther from the truth!  There are lots of lovely options available for individuals on any budget.
  2. Choosing the stone - Most jewelers have preset rings that they like to sell, but sometimes it ends up being more affordable to buy the diamond separately from the ring.  This also allows you some flexibility as far as selecting the diamond you or your bride has a preference to.
  3. Paying heed to the details - When you walk into the jewelry store you will likely be bombarded with a myriad of choices.  The type of metal, the style of the ring, and the kind of stone to marry with it.  If you want the ring to be a surprise, pay attention to the jewelry she wears routinely to gain some perspective.  Is it flashy?  Does she favor one color of metal over another?  Having answers to these questions ahead of time can make a big difference when it comes time to actually do some shopping.
  4. Choosing the setting - If you determine that you would like to purchase the ring and diamond separately, go for it!  You might want to select the diamond first and then peruse the settings that would accommodate for the diamond.  Just as complicated as selecting the right diamond, it can also be complicated to find the right setting.  There are lots of options to choose from, but an experienced jeweler can help guide you to find the setting that would provide your sweetheart with a stylish and tasteful ring.
  5. Getting the most out of your budget - The diamond industry suggests that total cost of wedding rings should equal two months of salary.  If your gal is always on the lookout for a ring with only the largest diamond you may have to make your dollars stretch a bit.  Ask about stones that have larger surface area—they appear larger than they actually are.  Also look for rings that are just less than 1 carat.  It may not be a noticeable difference to behold, bit it makes a huge difference on the pocketbook.

There are lots of options when it comes to buying an engagement ring from  But make sure to do your homework so you and yours are happy with your purchase.

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  1. I ended up with two engagement rings and two wedding bands. When my husband first proposed I hated the ring he got me. He didn't know what to do and bought a 5 karat ring. I immediately made him return it and I designed a more modest 3 karat that I wear now. We got two bands, too. One with stones and one without. I'm glad I got both because I lost one of them so I'm still okay!

    1. A story for the ages :)
      Thank you for sharing Julie.

  2. Yep. Think before you purchase. I'm still wearing the same ring almost 27 years later.

  3. My ring is simple and I love it.

    Hope you're feeling better!

    1. I love simple.
      I'm trying. I get little bursts and then it seems I get worse. Not sure what's going on.

    2. Eek, I sound like a mom asking if you've been to the dr., so I won't. But I hope you have been. Better safe than sorry, oui?

    3. *HUGS*
      Sent you a message

  4. I have a simple band with diamonds around it and am happy with it. He let me pick out the one I want.

    1. I like when you get to pick....but then again it can be such pressure too :)


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