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Healthy Fun In The Kitchen With Lil' Snappers Apple Wheels

I must admit that my family loves fruits and veggies. And lately I've been seeing the 'Lil' Snappers' in the refrigerated section of the store and wondered if I should take a chance and try them out.

I hadn't yet made up my mind, when I was selected for a program to try them for free with my family! Don't you just love when things come together so nicely!

I make lunches for my kids each morning for school, so I wanted our kitchen fun to be an evening event that we'd do together.
Snack time was the best time to just hang out and chat and make fun food.  It helps that they are usually hungry after school and would enjoy a big healthy snack!

The kids and I had fun perusing which recipe to choose. In the end we choose the Apple Wheels Sandwich Recipe. Of course they are requesting that I do all the other recipes too! That shouldn't be too hard, considering they look easy enough and are healthy!
I love when the kids help me in the kitchen and so I encourage it. Especially with meal making, so they can learn what is in their meal and also be able to practice making their own little meals as they get older.
While making the Apple Wheels Sandwich Recipe, They helped with everything except the cutting and shaping of the apples.
Of course as kids, they wanted to taste every little thing during preparation. It was all I could do to have them wait for the big bite! But I did share apples chips with them as we worked to make her big sandwiches.
We all enjoyed our sandwiches. I love the taste of the crunch and juicy sweet from the Lil Snappers apples, combined with the other ingredients. The kids said their sandwiches were too big and wanted to separate some things, so they took the apples out to eat as desserts :)
The kids enjoyed their sandwiches and I was surprised to hear my son say it tasted much better than McDonald's burger! And if he says so, then that's something because the boy LOVES McD!
I'm glad I now know the Lil' Snappers website. I can return to find healthy recipes to try with my children and I can also recommend the site to other moms.

We really had fun with the Lil' Snappers and even made other recipes of our own!

Our Recipe:
3 Lil Snapper Kid Size Apples, (I had to slice ours into wheels and then cut the edges)
3 mini size Regular sized wheat bagel
2 teaspoon vegenaise or mayonnaise
1 leaf butter leaf lettuce (or other green, as preferred) (I should have used my spinach)
1 to 2 slices oven-roasted turkey
1 to 2 slices cheese (cheddar, Monterey jack, or as preferred)

You can find the original recipe here.
I didn't have those fancy schmancy cutters, so I just used a knife to cut and shape the apples, turkey and cheese into fun wheels. Baby girl prefer to say they were flowers! Haha.

Toast mini bagel. Spread each slice with a bit of vegenaise (or mayonnaise). Place rounds of cheese and turkey on bottom slice of bagel, top with two apple "wheels" and lettuce. Place top half of bagel to make sandwich (secure with a toothpick, if desired). Serve immediately.

Note: Serve leftover apple rounds alongside sandwich, or use for additional preparations.

Here's a fun little clip of my son playing with the apple wheels!

About Lil' Snappers:
Introducing Lil Snappers™ from Sunkist and Stemilt!

Two great companies, Sunkist Growers,, and Stemilt Growers,, joined together to create a great brand for kids
  • Lil Snappers are premium, kid-sized fruits packaged in 3-pound bags that are great for lunches, treats and snacks
  • There are over 20 varieties of Lil Snappers available, including multiple organic varieties –all perfectly sized for little hands
  • Lil Snappers apples and pears are grown in Washington state by Stemilt growers, while the citrus is grown by Sunkist in California and Arizona 
  • Bags stand up in the refrigerator and are re-sealable for easy access and storage
  • Visit for information about different Lil Snapper varieties, delicious kid recipes and fun and games
  • Look for Lil Snappers at a store near you – but hurry – the season is almost over!
About Pink Lady® Lil Snappers
  • Pink Lady is the only truly pink apple out there
  • It’s crisp bite and sweet, tart, and zippy flavor make it a favorite for kids
  • Pink Lady is great when sliced up by mom for a snack and goes great with cheese, peanut butter, yogurt, or any apple recipe
Lil Snappers is currently available in Louisiana (New Orleans, Lafayette), Florida (Jacksonville) and North Carolina at the following locations:
  • Rouse’s 
  • Publix
  • Ingles Super Markets
  • Harris Teeter Super Markets
  • Winn Dixie Stores
  • C&S Wholesale Groceries
Learn more about Lil' Snappers and find healthy and fun recipes to share:

Do you allow your children to help you in the kitchen?
What's your favorite kind of apple?

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consultingfor Lil Snappers. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”

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  1. What a cute sandwich idea! I love the thought of having child-sized fruit. Thanks for a great review and recipe!

  2. Great idea!! I am thinking that I've seen those in the store but I've never bought them. Having a kid-sized apple is perfect because my son never seems to finish one. Thanks for the post!

  3. So cute, what a brilliant idea! Love having healthy treats like these on hand, makes it even more appealing for little kiddos!

  4. Yum, never thought of eating apples this way!

  5. Those bagel sandwiches look really good! I never would have thought to use apples on them. :)

  6. Seriously, these look great what an awesome way to make a sandwich.

  7. i wish they were near us...


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