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Money Music - Money Please - 4Ms

If I had a million dollars? I'd buy my mom a house. It's really not just a cliche. My mom has struggled her whole life and while I did not know her until eight years ago, I just want to be able to take care of her.

I'm so glad I met her and now we have a relationship as best we can from across the ocean.

What would you do with even just $2500 extra? It is tax time and that's the ball park figure to return to some of the population right?

Since that can't buy a house, I would really LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a trampoline in the yard for my kids.

I've been asking dh for years now to get one, but alas, no bite. I keep hoping.

I guess you don't have much sway when the money is not signed to your name at the end of the month. Haha.

But I've learned to be content and not be unhappy about wants that really doesn't affect our lives anymore if they are present or absent. What I really need right now is just to hug my mom and let her know, everything is going to be alright.

Today's theme if from our conductor Stacy!
I love her theme and it's just right for the season.
THEME: since it’s April 15th and that happens to be the dreaded Tax Day, I thought maybe we could come up with songs for Tax Day, or Money Songs – or maybe Ironic songs, since it is kind of ironic, no?
These are both songs that I love singing on top of my lungs. Except I haven't heard Rich in such a long time! Haha.

Welcome to today's music.  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
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  1. Lovin' your choices my friend! I haven't heard that one by Abba in like forever! Now how am I supposed to stop wiggling here in my chair after those songs. I WANNA BE RICH is going to stick in my head all day! hehehe Hell, it may stick in my head all week! LOL Have a rockin' week my friend!

  2. Fitting songs LOL both fabtastic :-)

    Fun choices have a richtastic week :-)

    1. You are too cool!
      I LOVE the words :)
      Thank you.

  3. Perfect theme for today and you nailed it with your songs. I think it is great you have connected with your mom and would love to help her out :) Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  4. I thought about using that Calloway song! Good picks.

  5. Everyone wants to be rich, including me! I'm with you, if I had a millionaire dollars then I'd take care of my parents & in-laws by doing something very special for them because they deserve VIP treatment for working hard all of their lives.

    I love your song picks for today and it was great to get out on the virtual dance floor with you today on Monday's Music Moves Me, Callie!

    1. GMTA Thank you Cathy!
      Have a blessed week!

  6. Princess Nagger has been wanting a trampoline forever - I told her we'd have to wait until after we move, since we already have too much stuff to move across the country as it is! ;) Hopefully we'll both end up with a trampoline in the backyard, eh? ;)

    I love your choices - I actually had them on my list of songs to decide between and didn't have room for them, so I'm glad you picked up the slack! ;)

    Taxman The Gambler has Money For Nothing just Bills, Bills, Bills for a Billionaire Baby Girl

    1. Haha. I know. I always want to post lost of videos, but I figured I'd see them on my way hopping :D

      and fingers crossed on the trampolines for us both! :)

  7. Is there anyone who doesn't dream about winning the lottery and be suddenly rich? If we suddenly had a million, we would invest it wisely and not just spend it on relatives. I know it sounds shallow, but you don't know my relatives. Have a wonderful week!


    1. Not shallow at all honey.
      We have people in or lives that we'd rather not be amongst!

  8. Oh my...too funny. I picked That ABBA song too. I didn't think anyone else would pick that crazy song. I will tell you if you can figure a way to get the trampoline it will be the best money you will spend for entertainment and exercise for the kids. Heck, I get out there and play on it too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Exactly what I'm thinking Lynn!
      Thank you.

  9. I wanna be rich... lol I haven't heard that song in forever and I love it!

  10. great choices - I wanted to share Eurasure's version of Money3 but couldn't find it online. There are believe it or not heavy metal version s of it too. Hope you have a fantastic week

    1. Thank you Stacey.
      I think I've heard that one somewhere...not sure.
      Have a blessed week too

  11. I want money.. lots and lots of money...
    love it :)


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