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Tips On Purchasing Loose Diamonds

I have no idea what I would do with loose diamonds. Probably give it to a dealer to make a beautiful bracelet for me to use as a heirloom.  What would you do with loose diamonds?

Tips On Purchasing Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are one of nature’s finest gifts.  Not only is it the hardest natural stone known to man, but it is also a symbol of long-lasting love and devotion.  This ultimate sign of strength and love can be found in most wedding and engagement rings.

Diamond experts suggest than when designing a customized engagement ring for your bride to be, purchase a loose diamond and then select your setting separately.  Often times, diamond stones that are already matched with a setting may make it difficult to tell exactly what you are getting.
Choosing your own diamond and setting also allows you to create a ring and setting combination that matches your personality and lifestyle.  While there are many things to remember when selecting a ring, here are a few tips to keep in mind.
  1. Determine your budget.  This will make the selection process much easier as you can ask to only see gems that are priced within your range.  Knowing how much you have to spend will also save you time from looking at items that are priced outside your budget.
  2. Consider the quality of the ring you are choosing.  Keep in mind that if you want a larger sized diamond, then the cut and clarity may decrease in quality; however, if you want a fine quality gem, then the carat size will be smaller to fit your budget.  Make sure that you look for the four c’s, which are cut, clarity, color, and carat.  The shape of the diamond is critical as well.  Depending on your fiancĂ©es hand size, finger length, and personal taste, you can find the perfect shape that will complement her hand.
  3. Some men prefer to propose using only loose diamonds.  If your girlfriend wants to select her own wedding band, then you may want to pop the big question with the diamond itself.  You won’t lose the element of surprise, and she’ll be able to design her own ring.  That will allow her to shop for a setting and band that she loves.  After all, she will be wearing it for the rest of her life.
  4. Reliable websites have made it possible to purchase quality diamond stones online.  From the convenience of your home, you can search for the diamond that meets all of your gemstone criteria. Shopping online also gives you a vast amount of stones to choose from, keeping the prices competitive.
  5. If you buy in a jewelry store, make sure that you are able to see it under a loupe.  A good salesperson will allow you to view the diamond close up and talk you through the color and inclusions.
With a little help from the experts at, you will have the most amazing diamond to present to your loved one on that special day.  By making an investment in a diamond, you are investing in your marriage.

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  1. Thanks for posting about the tips on loose diamonds. Hopefully one of these days, I will be courageous enough to replace my burglarized ones. :-)


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