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Bound To You - Excerpt


I should have taken her with me and never left her with him. I looked at the overly smug smile Benjamin had on his face. She would have understood if I took her with me to see Zeus, but maybe not the outcome.
Zeus had no compassion for mortals, or immortals, unless he was in between their legs. And his paltry
slap on the wrist for Persephone was nothing compared to the damage that she had done.

Demeter and Persephone were all too convincing when they spoke with Zeus. Neither should have been
able to say anything, seeing that they are a minor goddess’ and co-conspirator in killing my Antonia.
Demeter will do anything for my ill forgotten wife, Persephone.
She has always been a thorn in my side that I can’t seem to get rid of. Now that my love, my one true love, Antonia, is back in my life, I will have to get smarter about how to get Persephone out of my life.

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Colette is a busy mom of 2 kids focusing solely on being a mom. She hails from the Caribbean and now balances the full life of being a SAHM and dabbling in odd jobs to help around the home. She enjoys sharing her memories, hopes, food, travel, entertainment, and product experiences on her blog. Please read my disclosure 
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  1. It sounds like you're getting your read on over there. :)

    1. Haven't read it yet even now, but might.

  2. Sounds like a fun read! Great post! :)

  3. Oh boy, one man and two women...gonna be crazy!

    1. Twould be interesting to know how it turns out...

  4. This sounds like a fun read, and the excerpt is quite interesting and catching..

  5. Sounds interesting, Colette.


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