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Let's Do Black Face

I am learning about Nina Simone and I know we have many black actresses in the industry that could and would be willing to play her part in the movie. Why do we need to use Zoe Saldana in this role?

And to add insult, they are going to paint her black enough to play the roll. I'm almost at a loss for words.

Zoe is a great actress but like any good movie star, there are roles that just fits other people better.

So now we are going to go to see this movie (not me) to watch how great the make up artists did with the brush and spray. How awesome. I can't wait.
I really despise when hollywood decide to tell the black story in their own fake way.

A quote from the comments:

The fact that they had to Darken her BLACK FACE .... ....destroys everything that Nina Simone ever stood for as an Activist. It is so sad. They are just shitting on Nina's life work & her legacy. She fought against Colorism & specifically said: "When I'm dead--get a regal African lady with dark skin to play me, my loves." That's an actual quote.
We know hollywood only choose Zoe for the drawing in of the crowd. They can't use a real black woman out there who would fit the role perfectly because then no one would know that name.

I'd rather read about Nina than watch this make up artist contest.

 And Zoe as Nina in black make up

Hollywood sure has a long way to go to learn that make up doesn't make it better.

Of course I might end up seeing this movie, but most likely from a DVD from our library.

Did you know of black face before?
Do you prefer the movies or the books?

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  1. The colouring is really so off..there are so many good black actress like halle berry etc.. why can't just choose them instead.

    1. I was thinking that even Halle is in the smaller range. But I've seen quite a few women even in the movie "The Help' that would have worked very well.

      Makes me wonder if they just made the choice instead of having other women try out for the part.

  2. I am sure they could find a good black actress to play this role Colette!

  3. I prefer the book almost always, and Whoopie Goldberg was an unknown for The Color Purple, so I am not sure why they couldn't have gone that route here too.

    1. I was just watching Sister Act and thought about that very same thing about Whoopie!

  4. i hate that she specifically had a request and they went against it... so sad.

  5. Hollywood is all about what big actress or actor they can get and making it a box office hit; they really don't care about upholding legacies or honor and THAT is what saddens me :(

    Zoe is a very talented actress but honor this tremendous soul's request and get someone who can portray her legacy the RIGHT way.

  6. I totally agree with you all the way around. Why I can name quite a few black actresses off the top of my head. What about Hali Berry or however she spells it or even Beyonce for pity sakes, Hollywood is all about money and money. NOthing else. By the way, Happy Mother's Day Colette!

    1. Thank you Marie.
      And Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  7. It's really upsetting. The fact that the studios only care for the recognizable face to bring in more crowds than creating an accurate representation in the movie says enough about where their priorities lie. I'm sure there are more than enough black women that are talented and have the right look to play the part. This happens too often than not it seems. I know far too much about black face as well.

    1. Thank you Ari.
      I wholeheartedly agree! So terribly sad that this is how it is in this day and age.

  8. While some movies are nearly as compelling as the books, they usually lack something. I agree with you having a white actress portray a black actress doesn't seem right. There are many outstanding black actresses which could impart something needed to the role.


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