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When Mommy Becomes Dancing Ballet Daddy

The dance performance is near and I realize today that my hands are clammy, thinking about going on a big stage and dancing in front of so many people.

Not that I haven't done that before. I did dancing on stage with other kids as a child and even won a dance competition in a club, out of 15 other couples, as an adult.

So why the clammy?

I usually have lots of practice sessions (except that one at the club which was just a spontaneous thing, being pick out of the crowd), and usually feel confident about my moves.

We didn't get much time to practice and I feel tumbly. I like to feel in control.

Of course today Saturday, in a few hours, we'll have another session, but gosh I just want to be confident in my moves so that I do not embarrass my precious daughter.

It is a daddy-daughter dance, but her father is working all this month and will not be able to attend.  I was happy when he showed interest and deflated when I realize he wouldn't be able to make it. As things sit, I just want him to be involved as much as possible in his children lives before they grow up and realize he is away.

I'm honored to dance with my beautiful daughter. I LOVE dancing and if I could find a dance place, I'd go dancing myself. No clubs. Just a dance theatre.

So once again, I'll be on stage with the beautiful little ballet girls, twirling my moves.

I don't care who will laugh. You should see all the big daddies practicing along with us. There is just two women, me and another who is a grandmother.  I wish it was all daddies. If my daughter had uncles or grandfathers here, I would have such hope of them filling in.

Good thing I'm strong enough to throw her up on my back and up and around in the air and all that, but gosh I keep thinking I'll have to stop feeding her this month!!

There is so much to learn and so much to be done before the 25 and 26 and we know how fast the days go.
Dance moves to learn,
I must practice putting her make up on.
Think how to get the bun right.
Bags with costumes and food.
IDs and passes.
I should begin making a list because this clammy isn't going away and I cannot panic!

Have your little one been to daddy-daughter dance before?
Did you have one as a child? 

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  1. So so sweet and precious. My baby girl's hubby takes her daughters to the father daughter dance. It's a big deal with them and they love it!!

    Mine (father) forbid us from dancing saying dancing was sinful and afraid if we went to dances we would end up getting pregnant. We didn't own a television either.

    1. Thank you Judy.
      I'm so glad that your daughter's husband enjoys this precious time with his daughters.

      And sometimes the memories of our youth stings just so. I'm sorry. *HUGS*

  2. LOL, you better not stop feeding her!

    I suspect you'll be awesome, and your daughter will just be proud, both now and in the future when she remembers it, that you took the time out to invest in her. Those things really stick (in a good way).

    Good luck, I can't wait to hear more about it!

    1. Of course I wont haha. But laddydah she is some pounds to throw up and around on the dance floor :)

      Thanks Rosey. I'll share the outcome :)

    2. Looking forward to hearing about it. I couldn't throw any of my kids, I assure you...not even the little one. I'm not kidding... :)

  3. oh how sweet :) cant wait to hear how it goes... as i know it will be awesome :)
    i never did that as a kid (that I remember) and with a house of boys, i dont see it happening here either .. lol

    1. Thank you Noelle
      You never know what the future holds :)

  4. That's so very sweet that you're taking your daughter and filling in for her daddy! While I completely understand you guys wish he could be there, these things happen. I'm sure your daughter appreciates you accompanying her just as much ^.^

    Due to being ill, I was never able to go to a father-daughter dance and I really wish, looking back, I had that opportunity!

    1. *HUGS*
      Just make new memories honey. That's how we try to do.

      And I agree and thank you.
      I just feel blessed :)


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