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Fruity Refreshment - A Jamaican Delight

When I was in my country, I loved the refreshing taste of a cold coconut. I'd drink the water and then use a straw to suck the food out. If it was too hard for sucking, you can ask for it to be husked and get the food part to chew. Just as good and refreshing.

I miss having this so much. I've tried ones here in America and it's not at all appetizing.

I didn't know the health benefits then, but now I know:

Have you a real coconut drink?
Do you use coconuts in your recipes? 

The Health Benefits of Coconut Water !
Coconut water was used as a “universal donor”, making it identical to human blood plasma. It was used in the Pacific War to save thousands of lives through Coconut IV’s, and emergency plasma transfusions.

Surprisingly, Coconut water is more nutritious than whole milk. Its crammed with Natural Sugars, Salts, and Vitamins to block out fatigue.

Coconut water could potentially be the greatest energy drink in the world, to top it off, it’s all-natural. Coconut water contains more potassium than the majority of energy drinks. The chloride it holds is at 118g, and it’s natural sugars extent to about 5mg.

Most importantly, coconut water contains less sodium than any other energy drink.

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  1. I actually haven't had coconut water before, I hear it is super good for you, so I might have to try it soon!

    1. You must! Wish I could let you taste the ones in my country!

  2. Coconut water certainly has several health benefits. We have a lot on our farm over here in Jamaica. We even sell some to a man from Montego Bay. I like the flavour of coconut. Thanks for becoming a Follower on bloglovin'. I am already following there. Take care and a wonderful weekend to you and your family Colette.

  3. I have heard so many people talk about coconut water but I have never tried it. I generally do not like any kind of sweet drink. I do love a good Pina Colada on occasion, though.

    1. Coconut you'd love. Tis not sweet. Drink it from the coconut itself and not stuff that is bottled and messed around with.

  4. I didn't know they tasted different in different places, that's a fun fact. I love coconuts, but now I want to try one from your homeland. :)

    1. I don't understand why either Rosey. But ours is just really fresh and refreshing like water with just a touch of nice and tasty.

  5. It's funny because I LOVE the smell of coconut, but I just can't tolerate the taste!

    1. Now I want to give you a taste test :)

  6. Coconut milk is right up there with mother's milk. It probably does taste different here than where it is grown. My sister went to Hawaii for her honey moon and ate pineapple there and said it was so much better than here. What can we do? I cook with coconut oil and found an excellent hair conditioner that I make with it. It leaves my hair feeling so soft. I also take coconut oil capsules at night to lower my cholesterol.

    1. That is wonderful Judy!
      But indeed it has a yuck taste here in the US.

      I need to trying making a conditioner.

  7. Hi Colette, I'm coming from SSSync at Mail for Rosey, glad to be here, I do too miss coconut water and all the coconut tree in my backyard, I was born and raised in Panama city Panama, but my maternal grandpa was from Jamaica. I've only been to the island once and it was amazing, will love to come back again, it'sin my bucket list!, lol, glad to be following you know on FB G+ Twitter and P, if you are ever looking for a good recipe check me out! Have a great weekend, Lizy

    1. Hey Lizy
      So nice to meet you!
      I'm coming over girl! :)


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