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Gotta Move With VBS - Awesome #Music And Praise With Kids - Day 1

VBS will be from June 17-21

Gotta Move With VBS - Awesome #Music And Praise With Kids - Day 1 is going on at our church all this week and it's something fierce!

June 17
This was my first day of having my own class of kids. They are ages five and six. I have quite a few volunteers and we are all working very well. My volunteers are teens and seem rather calm. I keep wondering if they are bored out of their minds! :) They seem genuinely interested and caring and I feel their spirits as calm.

Our lesson was about Noah.
Craft: Fun Ark which the kids got to load with animals. I even did the water rain, even though we were told it was best not to do that since there might be a mess because of the little kids. But indeed it was fun. The kids enjoyed it.

Day 1: His Grace, Our Obedience (Genesis 6-7)
God created us to be near to Him.  Children will see the difference in how God made man compared to every other living thing in creation. They will also look at the story of Noah in a new way and see how he walked with God even though no one else in his generation did.  Children will learn that we are only able to be close to God through His grace and the favor He gives us.  Our response should be to walk in obedience.

Two of my kids gave me wild flowers today. How precious.

Day Two begins tomorrow! Whoooo!
I'm cheering for team Green and orange

My daughter is in team Green and my son is in Team Orange.

I think all the kids are placed in age appropriate groups.  I think there were six teams!
Purple, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange and Green!

The music is awesome! Go Fish Guys simply rock praise and worship!

The team members worked great! And I felt like I was part of something wonderful.

It's funny that for the past two years I have volunteered in VBS and has gotten better to being in the lead of my team, where as when I first started I was so awkward and shy!

This time, I prayed for my team and our hearts before each day.

And I did volunteer for the past two years so that my daughter could enjoy being part of the program because she wasn't yet attending school.

Now that she is in Kindergarten (will be going into first grade), I figured I'd just sign them up and be that parent that come pick them up at the end of the program and get regaled with all the awesomeness that went on.

God had other plans :)
The Children's Ministry Leader called to ask if I could volunteer this year also. So much for my easy escape.

But I'm so glad I accepted. It was a blessing for me.

And this year it's going to be way better!!

Did you attend VBS as  a kid? Did your children? 

Welcome to today's music.  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
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  1. I enjoyed that, wonderful and fun :-)

  2. Fun song,especially for young ones. Glad you are enjoying VBS and don't you just love it when a lesson comes together? Have a great week :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  3. That's a fun song. I love that you're doing the VBS, you go girl!!!!

    1. Thank you Rosey :)
      I have enjoyed the time with those kids and my volunteers!

  4. I think "Go Fish" is great! I always loved VBS when I was a kid.

    1. Agreed!
      Wished I had those things as a kid.

  5. we are usually on vacation and camping when VBS occurs, but I love that it is something that is available.
    Great song -- my daughters heard it and are dancing around the room with their friend. I should share this with their Sunday school teacher.

    1. Awesomeness!
      Do share. It's nice to find new ways to worship! Especially for the young kids :)

  6. Colette, This is a fun VBS song. Jack came a running in to hear it; he's seven. You know it's a winner! Have a blessed week!

    1. Indeed it is and I'm so glad y'all enjoyed it.
      My kids can't get enough too!

  7. I didn't know you did this, how fun! I'm afraid my kids were growing up wayyyyyyyy before this started! I'm sure it's great fun for children. Thanks for sharing girlfriend. Sure perked my day up!

    1. It's amazing the changes over the years huh.
      Thank you Dolly :)

  8. Fun! My son used to go when he was small but is more into science and art cams this summer. Have a wonderful week

    1. Those camps sounds rather fun too Stacey!
      Soon mine will be off there abouts too.

  9. That music video is really cool. Values, biblical stuff integrated into music like that. I love it. VBS is that Vacation Bible School? If so, yes, I attended those every summer when I was a kid. My kid now does too.


    1. That's it Hazel.
      Tis such awesomeness! :)

  10. Callie, what great fun sounding praise music for kids or anyone of any age! This is going to be stuck in my head today, I think. lol It totally rocks and has me dancing in my seat for Jesus. :) Thanks for sharing this tune with us. PS: Post-op & Gi appointments went well yesterday and I'm feeling soooo much better. All great things given to me by the Great Physician.

  11. Meg's been to vbs a few times, bit we haven't done it for a while! Thst wss a really cute song! :)

  12. That was fun!
    I have had my own VBS classes and went as a kid. Fun times.


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