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Wilted Wings #Book Tour - Excerpt


Ilisha’s rage built. “I’m coming for you, Damon,” she managed to tell him before she was forced out.
She wiped the tears from her cheeks and walked back inside.

Diniel was planning a strategic military plan to get control back of the town. Someone had printed him a Google map of the town and he was marking on it who would be taking what areas. John was still sitting on the pew with his head down.

Ilisha slid in beside him and put her arm across his shoulders. “I loved her very much,” he said with a quivering lip. That made her own tears start to flow again.
“How do you live without your soul mate?” he asked.
“It’s not possible,” she replied swallowing a hard lump in her throat. The longer she was without Damon the more pain she would feel.

Caligula sat down. She was flipping a butterfly knife 202 Wilted Wings back and forth. “Are you guys going to be up for this?”
“Damon’s been shut off from me,” Ilisha answered.

Wilted Wings

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