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Are You A Squisher Or A Trap-and-Releaser?

And I'm not just talking about spiders.  There are lizards, roaches, and all the other creepy crawlies that comes inside your home.

I tell ya. I do not want to be brave. I want to run away and hide. But I have kids and because I'm the one home most of the time, I have to take care of the problems because the kids are already running and screaming, about to convulse! My gosh you should see my son!! He is 8! My 6 year old daughter is usually the one comforting him. "Come on D, it's okay, the bug is all gone now." It's sad and funny at the same time.

I would hope the man would do more of this bug thing, but he is rarely home. And when he is not working he is away doing his own business.

So I pretend to be brave for my loves.

Once I shooed a lizard out the door. It was inside for a few days and I'm sure it was happy to smell fresh air in that direction.

I had killed one before because I was scared and I cried  for it. I never wanted to do that again. I just don't want them to jump on me.

Now if it's a roach, spider, other flying or creeping bugs, it's all out war! And no one can sleep until the one we saw creep no more.

I feel bad. I do. I keep thinking God made them for a purpose, but could they just stay outside. Plus spiders can be deadly, roaches are nasty and etc etc.

Plus I feel if even one got away, it is going to tell all their friends and come ambush me later or whenever. NOPE. I'm a screaming maniacal hunter-down smasher!

Are You A Squisher Or A Trap-and-Releaser?

Photo: Are You a Squisher, or a Trap-and-Releaser?
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  1. I have to kill them. If they dare to cross the threshold, they deserve it! I don't always squish though. If I don't have a shoe on or a magazine to smack them, I'll often spray them dead.

    1. Ahh yes! How could I forget the very effective spray! That's my weapon right there. LOVE that they have them in fragrance free now :)

  2. Colette, my son had a couple of lizards as pets, but roaches have to go!! I loved your post. You had me dying!!

    1. LOL Glad I could make you laugh Judy. :D I would not wish to kill you at all :)

      Lizards are...well you know.

  3. Bugs? Gotta go... I don't care how... but they have to be gone.. I get scared they will multiply like the gremlins and come back for more if I just shoo them away...

  4. I guess I'm not the good person that you are. Yes, God made them, but they'll soon die on their own, even without my foot.


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