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SAVE Big With The #KmartBackToSchool Savings And Give Your Budget A Break!

This is a sponsored post. I am a Kmart Blogger, though all opinions are my own.

This year back to school materials shopping was a bit harder. Usually I'd shop all year and when it was time for back to school items, I would have most everything in my arsenal. However because of a messy budget this year, I had only so much for groceries each time I would go to the store.  Maybe next year will be better deovolente.

However we didn't have to do school uniform purchases this year, except for a pair of school pants and socks for the boy, and backpack and socks for baby girl. Not having to buy all those uniforms really helped on our budget.

Great news: You can SAVE Big With The #KmartBackToSchool Savings

Doesn't it seem like every year your kids get busier and busier?
As the years go by, activities get piled on and so do the expenses. Soccer, ballet & music classes aren't free.

I only allow my children to choose one activity each year. I think as kids, they should have time to just enjoy being kids and not get bogged down by a vicious itinerary of after-school activities that take away all their free time.

Unfortunately school supplies are not free either. With so much going on, your budget can get pulled in a lot of different directions.

Fortunately, Kmart has savings on back to school so you can breathe easier.
I wish I had learned about the Kmart savings earlier. See this is why you need the mommy grapevine right :)

Pick up everything on their back to school shopping list from backpacks to gym shoes and the latest fall styles for less.

And you know you need all the help you can get, especially if you are purchasing regular clothing for school vs school uniforms! After-all our kids are always wanting the latest trends so they can feel like they do fit in and not have to worry about one more thing during the return to school.

The only question left is what will YOU do with the savings?
I vote picking up something for yourself. It is a new year after all.

Tweet: Give your budget a hall pass. Get this year’s trends for less at #KmartBackToSchool. @Kmart

This is a sponsored post. I am a Kmart Blogger, though all opinions are my own.

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  1. Everyone can always use savings deals at back to school time. Even for people not going to school, everyone wants new fall fashions.

    1. I do agree.
      Savings are very good to help with shopping!

  2. i have to go check out Kmart now thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love Kmart! We did a lot of our back to school shopping there this year!

  4. I haven't been to Kmart in a while, but I'll have to make a trip to check out the savings!

    1. Thank you.
      I am left to drive into another town to visit them :)

  5. We love heading to Kmart for odds and ends. We've never shopped there for back to school though. I'll have to check out their selection!

  6. we recently moved closer to a KMART... need to try and use it more than we do

  7. KMart is always empty in our town, and they always have such good deals, so I have no idea why that's true!! I like KMart.

  8. I love shopping at kmart sand they usually have a sale on

  9. K-Mart also has a card with a kickback so you can earn points.


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