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#BackToSchool French Toast Style

This year we saved a hefty sum on school uniforms.  I think it would cost approximately $150 for uniforms for both children. My daughter had enough uniforms that still fitted her very well, and there was no need for replacements.
My son, growing like a weed, just needed an extra pair of pants and school socks! That boy can run the socks and shoes ragged!

I wish I could see that money that was saved. It would just be so nice to wave it around and ponder whatever to do with it :). But hey, this is real life right.

I'm really glad the kids could re-use their old uniforms, but very thankful that we were able to replenish French Toast style.

You can find a wide variety of school uniforms on French Toast. I love that you can also shop by your child's school dress code!

The boy received the Long Sleeve Pique Polo and the Adjustable Waist Pleated Double Knee Pant in size 8. The Long Sleeve Pique Polo is perfect for now and the coming fall weather, and of course shorts will be out and pants will be in to cover cold legs :)

The fashionable and heavy weight pique polo with 3 button placket (left over right) allows your child to look good and feel great. Drop tail hem. Unisex. Imported. Machine wash. Cotton Polyester Blend.
These are very nicely fitted and I think the pants is holding up under the brutal assault of boys play. Seems most of his other pants started losing material at the knees. Boys school uniforms should come with heavy duty knee patches!

An expandable elastic inner waist tab and a softer finish makes this pleated front version of our famous double-knee pant extra special.Hook and eye closure. Cotton blend with Wrinkle No MoreTM fabric. Imported. Machine wash.

My daughter received the Short Sleeve Peter Pan Blouse (Feminine Fit) and the Adjustable Waist and Hem Pleated Pant.
The blouse is so cute! But she admonishes me that these days, she prefers skirts :) I reminded her that when it comes winter, she'll be singing a different tune :)
A home run in girls school uniforms, this basic pleated pant is now updated with a new fit. More flattering and modern, the pant still boasts its classic coin pocket, side pockets, hook & eye closure, and an adjustable waist and hem. Cotton blend with Wrinkle No MoreTM fabric. Imported. Machine wash
And now they have a new fit, which I like much better. I guess next time I'll order that one.

Our most popular blouse has a new fit! Check here to view the changes!
A true classic, our easy-care blouse is topped by rounded Peter Pan collar. Button placket. Cotton/polyester Wrinkle No MoreTM fabric. Imported. Machine wash.
I'm sure it is all different for each family, but I'm really glad our school's dress code are uniforms and not regular clothing. I think purchasing clothing and getting things to match just right would be more expensive.
The kids will need replacements next school term, so I'll be keeping on eye on all the kids school uniforms sales both in stores and at French Toast.

Along with school uniforms, French Toast also sells belts, ties, socks, backpacks, undergarments and other accessories. Don't forget to check back for great sales and clearances!

Did you have to replenish school clothing/uniform this fall?
Where do you normally shop for school uniforms, online or in-stores?
What is the dress code for your children school? Uniforms or regular clothing wear?

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I received the items above to facilitate this review. All other opinions are mine

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  1. we love the clothes from french toast :)

  2. I like French Toast clothes. My little guy doesn't have to wear uniforms, but I still get him French Toast khaki bottoms because they look so nice with a dress shirt, and those knees really do hold up!

    1. I agree, they do look so nice and your son is always so nicely put together!

      I LOVE the knees! This boy is crazy on them! Sliding on grass, at home on the floor, carpet, concrete, you name it!

  3. My little guy will be going into school next year, but no uniforms for him.

  4. My daughter had to wear uniforms for a few years, we have since moved, but I would have loved this !

  5. We do not have uniforms, but we often wish that they did, as it is so hard to keep up with fashion and takes so long for the kids to get ready

    1. I figured that is a big problem in many households :)

  6. We home school so no uniforms here but I love the quality they offer for the price!

  7. Their uniform options are very cute and very economical. I wish our school did them!

    1. Thank you Krystyn.
      I hope they do consider it.


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