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Driving In The Bayou - Hurt - Almost There - 4Ms #Music

This has been a very eventful day.
I had to drive two and a half hours to another parish in our state so my son could attend his first soccer game.

The night before I prepared my famous ham sandwiches that they kids love so much, fruits, igloo filled with juice, water and gatorade. I also brought biscoff and jelly sandwiches, other snacks and materials to keep baby girl occupied.

I had my GPS and printed map ready to go.
We left early 8:30am to allow for traffic being bad or me being lost or both :)

I had the jellies in my tummy. I prayed,

This was my first long drive all by myself and with kids.

I did very well and I'm very proud of myself.

I did take an early exit and couldn't find the park and ended up driving around a bit, but ask for directions and found where we needed to be quickly.

The games were interesting, but our team lost. It wasn't really bad as we all seem to be expecting it. They were playing better teams as a learning experience. I'm sure they'll gain experience and get better. My son said he enjoyed it. And I do think I noticed him playing a bit better now. I guess maybe he is finally gaining control over his frame.

The drive home was interesting as it rained. I despise driving in rain, much less heavy pouring rain. I managed to stay on the road though and made it safely home.

Now let's begin another wonderful and busy week. I'll try to make it wonderful. It has been a fight to make life wonderful in any sense these days. I'll rely on God, friends and music.
I heard this song

Theme: In honor of our Disney theme and don't forget the 70's music Cathy chose.

Welcome to today's music.  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
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  1. Good for you on taking that big adventure in the car! I'm glad it went well, and yay that he's starting to gain some skills on the field!

  2. Oh girl...if the kids are playing sports you will probably be making a many adventure. It will get easier as you get more familiar and sometimes it helps to meet up with some other parents on the real long trips. "Hurt" by Johnny Cash is so deep and moving, so much that I'm going to tell you I couldn't listen to it this morning. It usually makes me cry. On the other head I loved "Almost There" from Princess and the Frog. That was such a cute movie. I'm a sucker for cartoon movies. Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Monday!

    1. I accept the adventures. They are good to stretch me. I'm still so new to so much in life.

      I hope they do get to continue their activities. They each only have one, but the way finances are, I worry for them.

      Hurt , I heard and I was undone in a way too. It hurts just listening to it and channeling my hurt. It stopped me in my tracks.

      Thank you for sharing Lynn :)

  3. Love listening to the voice of Johnny Cash, and I had forgotten that sweet song from the Princess and the Frog. Just loved it. I have to get that one on my list.

    1. He does have quite a voice doesn't he!

  4. Johnny Cash and June was such a great love they had. That kind of love lives on forever. Love the song in the Frog Princess too... I'm sure we all feel that way at one time or another. Hugs, Marie.

  5. I really enjoy listening to Johnny Cash...

  6. Whew, driving in the rain makes me nuts, I hate it!! Kudos to you for a great car trip with the kiddos, and double high fives for doing it on the way back in the rain.

    We've signed up for soccer here again too. :)

    1. Driving in the rain does freak me out and the hydroplaning is so scary!

      Thanks Rosey and enjoy soccer with your baby, since he changes soon!

  7. Trips in the car to go to games. Ah, the days of that. As long as he is having fun that is all that matters, win or lose.

    You have a good week. Thanks for coming by today as always.

    1. Learning with fun is best :)
      Thank you Naila.

  8. Kids, cars...rain...mama; you deserve a big back slap for that one! since I have a shift worker spouse, I am always driving our 3 kids some place, where they need to be - alone. I drink nothing because if I have to pee -- I have to get them all out of the car and bring them with me. I know where all the clean bathrooms are on every route I take!! LOL

    Love this song by Cash. one of the great ones.
    My kids love this movie - but we have to forward past that scary voodoo guy. they don't like him - they just want to see the frogs and the lightning bug.

    1. Oh girl I know all about the pee situation. I drink nothing either and I let kids only have little sips!
      And they have to use the bathroom seconds before out the door!

      I'm an adult and I do not like the scary voodoo guy either. lol

      Thanks Rory! :)

  9. nice mix of tunes today. Hope you & yours have a fantastic week

  10. yay.. glad yall had a road trip for a game ... hate driving in the rain too :) LOVE Love Johnny Cash

    1. Thank you Noelle :)
      I almost pull over, but you can't on the long bayou bridge! Haha.

  11. I'm glad to hear you and the kiddos had a safe trip and that your son had fun playing even though his team lost. That shows true sportsmanship right there! :)

    Great song choices for this week's them Sis! I've only seen The Princess and the Frog once but I really enjoyed it; there were definitely some fantastic songs in there and I appreciate the storyline.

    Have a musical week!

    1. Ahh and I love Charlotte so much. It's the personality I guess :)

      Thank you sis.


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