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Odd Mom Out!

Yesterday I went to pick my daughter up from ballet. I sat in the car just a few minutes for one on one time with my son until it was time to go get her.

I crossed the street to her studio and waited on the verandah while the other moms/dads arrive to wait for and with their daughters for classes to end and begin.

I was watching the sky and a very tall tree, and wondering what it was like to be a bird and have such freedom to be all the way up there. I watched a bird actually flew to the very top of that tree , landed, and then took off again. What freedom!

I was standing with my back to the benched area. I turned around to see a few moms on the benches who had arrived with their daughters to begin their practice when ours would be over. Every single mother had their phones out and fingers in seizure, while their little girls were sitting beside them. Same with the other parents standing around me. I was in a circle of phones.

I was the only one who didn't have a phone with me. I thought it so very sad. I really hate that a piece of gadget has now taken our minds from enjoying scenery, life, a beautiful sky, birds, trees, something on the ground. Life.

But I felt odd. Why?
Why should I feel odd?

How has your life changed since your smartphone purchase?
If you don't have a smartphone: Do you plan to purchase one?

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  1. I have heard several persons state the same things you have written about here Colette! It is really sad when persons have their faces buried in a phone and have no time to admire nature or talk to the persons around them including family members. I bought a smartphone recently but happily I have not allowed myself to be so consumed by the phone that I ignore everything else. Serious food for thought! Have a great weekend.

    1. Wow. Thank you for sharing Judy. It's a very sad thing.

  2. It does seem to be getting a bit out of control, hopefully it will turn itself around. Sometimes it just takes a bit of time for something to faze itself out, keeping my fingers crossed :)

    1. I agree. Life is like that about phases. But seems technology lures one in with better and best and the war continues to who can keep up with the Joneses.

  3. it is a bit crazy... and i am guilty of it too, from time to time...

    1. Thanks for sharing Noelle
      At least you are seeing yourself and able to catch it.

  4. My husband takes his iTouch to restaurants, uses his laptop at the dining room table, and takes his iPad to bed.

    I hate it.

    1. *HUGS*
      I hope he awakens to the hurt this causes.

  5. I love my smart phone - I can use it take a picture of the wonderful things I see. lol

  6. I don't have a smart phone and don't plan on getting one. I do have a cell phone, but us it mainly in case I need it while in the car, like if I have a flat or so I can get in touch with my husband or he can with me if we are away from the house and not together.. I don't take photos with it, and I've never sent a text message.

    Every one except my husband and I have smart phones, including the grandkids, ages 10 and up, which I think is ridiculous!! And yes, it drives me bananas when they're tapping away on their phone constantly.


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