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Yellowstone Views - Falls

In early August the we traveled to Montana for my husband's sister's wedding. He decided we would go a few days early and get to see Yellowstone and some of the places he lived as a child.

Yellowstone is definitely beautiful and I wish I felt better to enjoy the view. Seems I was most miserable the whole trip.

We walked the trail a little to see the lower/upper falls
I had heels on. I didn't expect to be out walking. 
The man decided I needed a pair of walking shoes, so we dropped by K-mart for a cheapie on sale. I'm used to cheapies, plus I always take care of my things so cheap or expensive, they will last. Unless they are really just not made well. 

He intended for more walking so that was a must. Of course I don't mind walking. I mind when a trip is simply no fun at all.  I did try to adjust my attitude moment by moment, but it was a feat for the ages I tell you! 

I'm however very glad the kids got to have this experience. 

Have you been able to visit Yellowstone National Park? 

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  1. Your pics are amazing and the children are beautiful. I'd love to get out there some day and see Yellowstone, too.

    1. Thank you Lynn and I hope you do get to visit. It is quite an interesting place.

  2. i would love to go to there one day... glad you managed to get shoes that were a bit better for walking than heels ;)

    1. I hope you do get to visit Noelle.
      And yes on the shoes! I so didn't plan on anything my mind /heart was a mess

  3. That park is wonderful Colette! The pictures of your children are also lovely.

  4. Yes, I went a couple times as a child and absolutely loved it. I'm so sorry that your trip wasn't a good one.

    1. So glad you had the experience Liz.
      Wished I got to enjoy it more. Ahh life eh.

  5. I haven't been, but I would love to see it. I had a trip in NYC once that was miserable, but years later looking back, I'm so glad I went because we really saw some one of a kind things. :)

    1. I forgot to say I love your pictures!

    2. I know what you mean.
      It has me swearing off going on anymore trips. Just tired of the same feeling and fighting.

      And I hate to seem unappreciative and to hinder anyone having fun, so I'd rather not go.

      Thanks Rosey.

  6. I haven't been to yellowstone. We have something similar close by called Yosemite - not exactly the same. But they are both very beautiful. Glad you had some time off.

    1. Thank you Amanda.
      I think we've been to Yosemite too! I just remember a massive rock though, can't remember much.


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