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Artificial Mirage #Book Tour - Excerpt


He clicked on the AR icon that bolted the entrance shut and walked upstairs as the howling moan of the prayer call reverberated through the shop. Brushing aside the first red velvet curtain on his right, he sat in one of the empty booths in the family section. Each booth had another set of curtains for couples and families that wanted more privacy, and he had heard squeals and the shuffling of thobes and abayas emanate from behind them on more than one occasion.

The black nanotech plastic tables matched the gleaming black marble floor and showed no signs of wear. The place was empty, so he could leave the curtains wide open. He laid his head on the table next to the powdered sugar shaker and breathed consciously. When the prayer ended, he peeled his left cheek off the plastic surface of the table and sat up to enjoy the sudden silence. He still had thirty minutes before his employees returned from the mosque and he was permitted to reopen. They were all devout Muslims from Hyderabad.

Yet, there was one that he was convinced had memorized a few stanzas from the Koran and faked his way through the visa process. He might be a Hindu or a Buddhist or even a Christian, but he certainly wasn’t a Muslim. His boredom with the prayers and his going through the motions of attending prayers and his awkward prostrate position were all too obvious. It was easy to recognize, but it didn’t bother Muath. The man was a good worker.

Islam was Muath’s social connection, family connection, wasta connection. As long as the work got done, it didn’t matter to him. If his tribe had beaten the Saudis and Hamouri Arabia had arisen, the whole country would have been a completely different place. And he wouldn’t be the manager of a donut shop.

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