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Introverts Stay Where You Are!

Every Sunday morning, we have welcome music and songs by the band and choir. Afterwards the lead would tell the congregation to go around and meet and greet each other.

Last Sunday was the best! He said: "All the introverts stay where you are. Everyone else go meet and greet :)
I actually jumped up and shouted: "YES!" While everyone else laughed.
I think the introverts were very happy that morning :)

I actually wanted to just leave and go to the store before, so maybe it was a good thing to be in worship.

The message was good.

So are you an introvert? or extrovert? or hybrid-vert? 

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  1. I wish my preacher would say that, I don't like the meet n greet. Gah, I said it out loud!!

    1. Haha I do get it.
      I don't like it either.
      Not because I don't like people. It's just me. I have to smile and find something NOT lame to say.

      Oh and ew, shake hands!

  2. We have meet and greet in our church and I don't mind it. Have a good week Colette!

  3. I'm a total introvert. I have to FORCE myself to reach out. I'd rather just stay burrowed away by myself.

  4. What is an hybrid-vert? Statistics say there are more introverts than there are extroverts. And I believe that is true, in a group setting- there's usually a couple of extrovert that are total out there, but most people are more to themselves = just to what degree!

    1. You are so right.
      I figured a hybrid-vert is an equal mix of both extro and intro


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