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Kitty Love - What Kind Of Pets Do You Own?

I will tell you the story of my kittens soon, but Aloha is short and sweet as Fridays are.

So right now I have kittens and I've been diagnosing myself too while training them about the rules of our home.

I have allergies. It's seasonal and some dust and such.

So being around them I try to see if I'm having any worse reactions than normal. It hinges on them staying in our home.

So far, I don't think I'm any worse off with them here.

And I think they are growing on me.  The kids are in love.

Meet my other babies :)

Do you have pets? 
Where did you get your pet from? 

 They are all played out :)

They've grown so much!
We've been missing Aloha Friday. If you are missing it, then do hang out with Pamela - and I and we'll visit y'all too.
You can also take part in Amanda's Two Question Thursday which is going strong many years now.

We'll continue in honor of Kailani's fun rules: 
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  1. They are all dogs! We don't have any other pets in the house. We did have cats a long time ago but it wasn't pretty. lol

    1. Now I want to know the story of the kitties :)

      I LOVE dogs. Dh hates them, so of course I must conform to loving cats.

  2. I have a dog that I got when she was a puppy, from my sister in law. My son has a cat that he got when she was a kitten from someone who had a box of them for free, at a local store. We also have 3 aquariums full of fish.

    1. House full of pets :)
      I still want a dog.
      Maybe when I grow up :)

  3. I don't have any pets, but I do love my daughter's cat. :)

  4. We don't have any pets but yours are way too cute!! I think it's fun you have two so they can entertain each other. :)

    1. Thanks Rosey.
      I only wanted one but was told that with both, they'd entertain each other. I was convinced that it wouldn't be more I went along with it.

  5. We have an amazingly sweet and funny pit bull named Lucy. I wouldn't want a cat as a pet of my own, but I love other peoples kitties and I massively adore kittens, they are incredibly cute!!

    1. I didn't want the cat either. I wanted a dog.
      Dh doesn't like dogs. Sigh.
      Thanks for sharing Gina.

  6. Dear Big Sister,

    I'm going to steal your kitties.

    Your Little Sister ^.^

    They're TOO adorable! Hopefully you'll keep doing well and be able to keep them; I couldn't imagine giving them up after becoming attached. In our home we have a big ol' furry dog name Jake.

    1. Haha you are so fun!
      And yes I do remember your 2nd Jake :)

      I do hope I can keep them. They are precious.

  7. We have a black lab we call "Baby" & she's 12 yrs old and spoiled rotten. She has just been diagnosed with severe arthritis, so that's not cool at all she takes medication now. We got her from our old bass player's boss who's new baby didn't get along with her. So we took her. We saved her from being put down. She is living here happily ever after. We love her so much.

    1. That is wonderful that you could be there Marie.

      So sad about her pain now that she is older.

  8. I have pets, we went from one fish to three fish. So it's multiplying.:-) Your kitties are so cute, I mean really cute with the pink ears. :-)

  9. I prefer a dog, but love cats too. My dog was stolen from my backyard and hubby hates dogs so fat chance of me getting another. lol He loves cats, so the cat is safe - for now. lol I am allergic to both, and will blow my nose for awhile in the morning, but owning a pet is worth it.

    1. We are twins.
      I love dogs. Cat's not so much.
      Dh hates dogs. Loves cats.
      he didn't want any dog, so I had to agree to cats.
      I agreed for the kids sake.

      But these kittens are cute and fun, sooo we'll see.


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