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Knight Of Wands - Devices Of War Trilogy Book 2 Cover Reveal #Book

Sharing a new one for you to check out.

Knight Of Wands - Devices Of War Trilogy Book 2 Cover Reveal #Book

Knight of Wands

Book 2 of the Devices of War Trilogy
Genre: New Adult Fantasy Steampunk Adventure
Publisher: Blooding Books
Date of Publication: November, 2013
Cover Artist: Ravven’s Glass
Book Description: Return to a world of mind blowing visuals, heart stopping action, and ships that sail the skies. Nix, Queen of Wands, has exactly what she wants—Synn El’Asim, the greatest Mark the world has ever seen.

Even though she bound his soul to hers, he is not easily controlled. If she wants him, she must do the one thing that pains her most. Let him go, and give him what he desires. Peace. Armed with a treaty bearing Nix’s seal, Synn sets off to bridge the gap between the world’s two reigning tyrants—the Hands of Tarot and the Great Families.

He struggles to trust Nix as he fights for control of his soul. He’s going to need every ounce of restraint when dealing with his mother, leader of the Great Families. She will not give up her power without a fight. Nix will honor her treaty only if Synn agrees to become her knight. His mother refuses to sign the peace agreement if he falls into the queen’s control. Frustrated, Synn does the one thing neither woman saw coming. He invites all the tribes, currently voiceless in the war between these two ruling tyrants, to partake in the treaty negotiations.

All they have to do is prove their worth in his Peace Games. As Synn’s influence and subsequent power grows, a new fight begins. Who will control Synn’s League of Cities? Can he protect more people as a leader of the Great Families, or as the Knight of Wands?

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  1. Sometimes I like to watch this type of movie, haven't try to read any yet. People say it is much better when you read, since you control all what goes on in your imagination.

    1. Yes yes it's true about the reading. !

  2. This genre is totally new to me. I'm not sure if it's my thing though, although like Self Sagacity said, it would make for a great movie.


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