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Bungee Tags - Virtual Lost And Found

Have you heard of or used the Bungee Tags?
I like that it uses technology in it's virtual capacity to find your belongings, but I do also wonder of the dangers.

I set out to learn more.

Company Overview
Bungee was founded to create a better and quicker version of "drop in the mailbox" loss prevention for keys. We quickly realized that it could be placed on virtually anything of value and now Bungee tags can be attached to all your portable items.

What does Bungee do?

Bungee allows people to anonymously tag anything they own and link it to their cell phone and email. When a lost item is found, the tag instructs the finder to send a text to Bungee. Bungee notifies the owner (via text & email) and bridges an anonymous text conversation with the finder so that the stuff can be returned. Bungee is fully automated.

I like the idea of the bungee tags. However it all depends on the honor system right? Someone might find your cellphone and refuse to return it.
Also you have to be careful who you meet and where for your own safety. Even though the communication is anonymous, you'll still need to meet the person to return your lost item. Every necessary precaution should be taken to remain safe.
But otherwise I think it's a really neat system, especially in this digital age of lost and found.

Bungee works internationally and everything Bungee manufactures is Made in the USA.

Bungee works with all of the major cell phone carriers in the United States. As long as you have text message capability on your phone.

Please note that you do have to activate the bungee tags before they will work. Their website has the information on how to proceed with the activation after purchase.

How does Bungee protect my privacy?
Bungee allows you to label your property without putting personal information on it. When the property is found, Bungee bridges an anonymous conversation (through our system) between you and the finder. Your telephone number and email are never revealed by us.

I have not use or activated my bungee tags as yet, but I can't wait to try it out with something for the kids. They always seem to be losing something in the lost and found! 

Have you heard of them? Have you used the Bungee Tags? 

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I received a bungee Tag to facilitate this review. No other compensation has been exchanged.

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