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Over the years I've been yearning to be invited to a wedding. I just thought it would be such a fun event and really all I want to do is eat the cake and dance! Wedding cake taste soo good and I LOVE music!

I could picture me with a few girlfriends just having a wedding crashers kinda day! And really, women should have days like that to look back on and smile.

I did get invited to a wedding! I wasn't excited. I had no money and I wanted to look nice! I hadn't been to a wedding since mine!


I. Did. Not. Have. A. Dress.

Even though you aren't the bride or the bridesmaid, you still need the right kind of attire for each wedding.

At first I refused to worry about the whole shebang. I figured if I was going, I'd wear whatever my closet mercifully spat out. Not that I had any girlfriends to borrow any clothing from.

I already had a lovely pair of shoes and was set.  We will not discuss make up and jewelry!

Up until the day before the wedding, I did not have my dress.
I was still forcing myself not to freak out!

The back up dress was just not making my stomach quiet. I finally went shopping through a few cheap evening dresses. Cheap does not mean it would be tacky. I know how to work a low budget.

I'm very peculiar and I went from Macy's to JcPenny, Dress Barn and store after store after store.
I almost started crying as I walked into the final store before lunch.

My daughter was there with me. She is only six. She brought me this little dress from a rack and squealed, mommy it's your favorite color and it's cute! I took the dress, didn't even look at it, but kept looking at all the other dresses.
I found two others and then I looked at the one my daughter had given me.
It was purple. Short and flowy. It had potential.
I took all three dresses in the room and did my mirror dance.

I fell in love with all three. Two were definitely out of budget. The cute little purple number was perfect, but I hated my legs and just didn't want to show them up.

I thought and thought and modeled and asked others if they liked which, and of course little purple was the 'it' dress.

Then of course I had to think about the venue. Being outdoor, made the purple dress even more attractive. The other two were more elegant and better for floors.

I went with little purple.
Turned out she was a sexy little number and my six year old knows a thing or two about shopping!  :)

I wish I had known about Dress First! Oooh the styles! Seems they have every kind of dress you'd need! Prom dresses, cheap wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, you name it!

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My dress was cheap indeed. These dresses all whip mine to the curb!
Take a looksee and see if you aren't drooling at your keyboards soon!

Which one is your favorite dress?

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  1. Pretty dresses, indeed and I bet you were a knockout. I hope you didn't outshine the bride! lol

    1. I didn't outshine the bride Judy , but turns out I was wearing the exact same dresses as the bridesmaid!!!! Oy.

  2. These dresses are so pretty. I love them all. The girls have such great bodies...the dresses look fantastic on them.


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