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The Homework Situation

I had noticed that my son was coming home everyday from third grade without homework. Every evening I'd ask for his homework and he said, he had none. Okay then.

I kept asking and then one evening he said, that he does his homework at school. Hmm okay then.

I'm the kind of mother who wants to be involved in all aspects of my kids education. I want to know what they are learning, if they are on track, what they are struggling with and so on and so forth.

It concerned me greatly that I wasn't seeing anything that my son was learning. I'd ask him, and of course he would be ever so vague.

So I decided I'd grit my teeth and wait for Parent Teachers Conference that was coming up.

After all I do not want to rush to judgement.

Conference came and I spoke with the teacher about my concerns in regards to his homework and other issues.

She said, yes she gives them homework everyday. So I said, I wish to see it in my home everyday.

Two weeks later, still no homework. One of those week I was sick to death. You might remember it last week.

This week I'm feeling sprightly and I said to my son on Tuesday. Do ensure that when you set foot back in my home, that you have homework ready for me to see and sign. That includes reading charts and everything!

Guess who showed up Tuesday evening with homework? Aha! You got that right. There was also a note from the teacher that homework will no longer be done in school and must be taken home and signed by parents. Apparently this note was given to all the other students to take home as well.
Well knock the ants!

Yes I desire to see and know what my son is learning because I expect that he should be doing his best and excelling in every way he can.

Homework came home every night except on Fridays in Kgn, 1st and 2nd grades. I see no different for 3rd grade which I know should be even more serious with school work.

Now he'll need to begin writing things down and being more responsible that he doesn't forget his homework folder or other important information he needs to get said homework done.

Education is important and I will not play around with the matter when it comes to my children and their future.

Do you have to sign your children homework?
Do you take time to be involved in the homework sessions with your child?

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  1. In kindergarten we sign a sheet on Friday logging our weekly reading time and we turn it in with the one page of homework they get for the week.

    In high school I log on to interact with the teachers. Not all teachers utilize the online system regularly, but I sure wish they would.

    Knock the ants! bwuahahahahhaaha. Never heard that one and that made me smile, lol! Glad you're getting the homework home now (where 'home'work should be). :)

    1. LoL you made me giggle too Rosey.
      And thank you.

  2. I think in certain years I had to sign but just the earlier ones when they were still developing good study habits. I always wanted to know what the kids were learning too, although I'm fine if they finished their homework at school.

    1. Thanks for sharing Liz.

      I wouldn't worry too much if the homework was done at school, but I need to see what he is learning in the days.
      And you know when you just have a gut feeling?

  3. I have two in school - 12 yr and 7yr. THey both have homework that needs to be signed. Boys seem to be harder to keep focused. If I lay off my 12yr old for a few days he will slack. It is a constant battle of the wills keeping him motivated. Keep at it. You are doing good to stay up in his business. And, it's okay to have a conference before the real conference. I do it all the time. We normally have two a year, here but I always have like four or five with the extra ones that I schedule.

    1. Thank you for sharing. I'll definitely remember that next time about the conferences.

  4. not sure if my last one went through or not...
    i was saying since he is in PRE - K , we dont have homework yet... but I expect to go over it with him every night when he does start having it

    1. That's a great idea Noelle.
      Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. I spent a lot of time helping my children with their homework. Some subjects were easy for them and others tough so it could be quite challenging. I liked being involved in their studies.

    1. Thank you Judy.
      I know especially now that some subjects will be tougher.

  6. Yes! My daughter goes to a private school and her homework is plenty. She has a lot everyday and a lot of tests every week. It is a full-time job for me to keep up with all her activities.

  7. It is so nice that you are so involved with your child, you are a great parent.


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