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Cardstore - Mailing Cards Is A #TopoftheMantel Affair!

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of (#MC) for Cardstore. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

I'm a naughty girl. I'm not on santa's list. I admit it. Every year I tell myself how I'm going to send Christmas cards to family. I have grand plans of taking an awesome family photo and putting it on a card and mailing everyone the updated version of us for their fridge or wherever they decide to display or stash us.

The grand plans rarely happen.
I end up scrambling to find addresses, appropriate cards at the store and the right words to say at the last minute.
Sadly some family members rarely get cards, because I can't find their addresses, or it's already January and I feel terrible about the whole ordeal and just don't bother.

I love the family and I do want to hail them with greetings, but it doesn't always turn out like I planned. The procrastinator in me, tells me that I do have enough time. I never do. And the whole process is very time consuming, especially when doing it all by hand!

But alas I've found this great resource to help me keep my sanity in the festive season!

Cardstore, an innovative online resource, removes the hassle from mailing out holiday cards. Once you create your custom cards with personalized pictures, messages, and signature, Cardstore will print, stamp and send the cards for you – helping to take one huge item off your already full holiday to-do list. Whether sending out birthday cards, thank you notes, or just touching base with out of town friends, Cardstore proves an easy solution for any occasion.

I say part of Christmas is in the bag!

Don't wait another minute! You know you want the help! Log on and begin personalizing your holiday cards today!

As I'm writing this post I should have already begun this process. Have I? Nope. But I do have my back up which is cardstore, and at this moment they are having a 50% off sale for holiday cards and invitations. Do remember to make your orders by December 16th to ensure delivery by Christmas Day!

Never struggle over mailing cards to family and friends again. Let cardstore do it all for you! You'll rule the #TopOfTheMantel @cardstore #MC #Sponsored

 Don't forget to Enter to Win one of ten (10) $50 Amex Gift Cards and one (1) grand prize of a $300 Amex Gift Card! Here is the link:

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of (#MC) for Cardstore. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

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  1. I ordered cards yesterday. I wish I had seen this before!!! I can pass it on to my SIL, she's still not done hers. :)

    1. Oh yea this will be helpful!
      Sorry you missed it Rosey.


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