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You Can't Take A Fishy For A Walk

I have a goldfish.
I never thought I'd have a goldfish. I remember singing that fun song as a kid and even an adult about the fishy, but I never thought I'd own a fish.

Do you remember that song: How much is that doggy in the window? The one with the wagging tail? I still love that song.

At the Autumn festival on October 31st, my son won a goldfish. He kept joining the line over and over to do cups for the fish and he won.

I was happy for him.

Then worried. I figured the thing would die.

We got home and I jumped online to research how to care for the thing. At first I heard fish tank and I thought, surely you'll die, there is no budget for such a thing.
Then I read about fish bowls and found one at the store for $9 the next day, and that is our journey.

It's almost two months old (who knows how much longer it had been alive before we got it) and it's still alive!

I clean the tank every week. I put water in a bowl to be treated for a day or two before cleaning his bowl. Then I just transfer him to clean water, clean his bowl and then put him back again. He is ever so much happier when it's clean! Ew but what stinky poop!

 Before and After
Now the fish belong to the boy, but I clean the tank, I feed it every day, talk to it every day and etc etc.
You'd think it was my fish.
He just named it and left it.

But for now I'm still surprised it's still alive.

And I'm hoping the kittens do not notice him up there on the counter.

Once I saw one kitten getting curious and I discouraged that rather quickly.

We shall see.

But until then, fishy is alive and well. Who knew!

Did you ever have a goldfish?

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  1. I have never had a goldfish but whenever I go into a home and see fish as pets I have always been fascinated. I wish your goldfish all the very best. It is beautiful and I like the fish bowl. Enjoy the rest of your day Colette.

  2. We had a Beta (no stinky poo, though I didn't know goldfish had any either, hahahaha). :) My son LOVED it...for about a week, and then it became my fish in his room. ;)

  3. We used to have a fish tank. It belonged to my oldest, but I was always the one cleaning it and the little kids kept throwing things into the tank. When the last of our fish died we got rid of the tank. Maybe I should think about getting a little fish bowl and gold fish. Glad to hear yours is still alive!

    1. Thank you Cascia.
      I think I like fishes better. Less demand and surely no ripping my home apart, like the cats.


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