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CleanSmart - Moisturize While Sanitizing - Tips For The Cold/Flu Season

The "Sanitize, Moisturize, Sanitize, Moisturize" cycle stops right here.

If you are like me, you'll be washing your hands numerous times during the day. But what about when you are on the go and can't wash? That's when I used the CleanSmart moisturizing gel and the innovative hydrating spray. They are handy little items and can be easily stored in your purse.

CleanSmart Hand Sanitizer
I'm glad it has no smell so it wont set off my allergies and I hope it's keeping me sanitized as promised :)

The gel and spray:

  • Kills 99.9% of germs, keeping you and your family healthy this cold and flu season. 
  • CleanSmart is naturally moisturizing. Your hands wont dry out from regular use like it does with alcohol-based products! 
  • No odor! CleanSmart is hypoallergenic, and virtually fragrance free. 
  • Contains hydrochlorous acid, the same chemical your body's immune system produces to fight germs and infection. 
  • In addition to being alcohol free, CleanSmart contains no triclosan or BZK
  • It's gentle on hands, the environment and safe enough to use on kids. 

It is definitely the cold and flu season, so check out What You Need To Know About Cough, Cold and the Flu.

And to help you even more. Here are some tips to avoid getting sick while you travel.
1. Sanitize everything!
One of the first ways to ruin a vacation together is catching a cold on the plane. Carry antibacterial wipes and wipe down every surface you may touch on the plane. 

2.  Wash your hands
Wash your hands especially before touching your own or a loved one’s eyes, nose or mouth.  

3.  Be proactive
On family vacations with everyone close together, take Cold-EEZE at the first sign of a cold to shorten the duration, minimizing the amount of time you are sick to better enjoy your vacation. 

4.  Be prepared
Carry medications with you to minimize the impact of a cold or illness so you can all still enjoy your trip. 

5.  Be healthy
Good hydration, good nutrition and exercise go a long way to giving the body the support it needs to stay strong.

CleanSmart is so new, it's only available online, but will be in stores after the first of the year. 

We're confident you'll find that CleanSmart is the best way to ensure happy healthy hands this cold and flu season. 

Use it in good health, and share!

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I received two sample bottles of CleanSmart. No other compensation.

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  1. love that it does dry your hands out like others do

    1. That's what I like best! My hands are already too dry.

  2. Very good information and I love that they work without alcohol. Winter is hard enough on our skin.

    1. Thanks Judy. Alchohol is okay but gosh it's too much and in too many products!


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