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I Fell Off The Tuna Wagon - 4Ms #Music

It was not intentional. It just happened. I realize what happened after the first bite. I had no idea how it slipped passed me.

After worship today I went to a missions meeting and they had lunch prepared from subway.

I picked up a plate for myself and picked up a tuna sandwich.

I haven't eaten tuna in 8 years!

I took another bit and thought, I guess it taste okay and I don't want to hurl, so I kept eating it with awareness.

Eight years I haven't eaten tuna. Why?
When I was pregnant with my first child, I craved tuna and ate it almost everyday. After he was born, I never ate it again!

Today was quite an interesting day.

However I do not know if I'll order it on my own again. It is all still very iffy, but a breakthrough of sorts.

Are there foods you stopped eating after being pregnant? Were there foods tied to your pregnancy in some way?

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  1. With my first pregnancy (DD#1) I craved of all things, turnips. Let's face it this is one of those veggies that aren't too flavorful, but to a pregnant me boiling turnips in butter and salted heavily hit the spot. I continued eating them off and on while the kids were small, but I would say it's been almost 20-years since I've made any. It's not that I've given up on them, but as I said turnips aren't the most flavorful of veggies and well...I am trying to cut back on high calorie foods and butter definitely falls into that category. Great song pick for today's Monday's Music Moves Me theme!

    1. Turnips....I think I only had them once or twice in soup :)
      Very interesting the things we crave during pregnancy.

      Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOL love it is that what you was singing before you took a bite heheh! I like tuna specially with a salad or in a sandwich with sweetcorn.

    Have a tunatastic week ;-)

    1. Steve, you are too funny!
      Thank you for visiting :)

  3. lol on Weird Al!! Great choice to go with your write-up.

    I'm a vegetarian who never liked meat even as a kid. When I was pregnant with all four of them, I craved some kind of fish or meat. I tried to eat meat after I wasn't expecting, but no way, I still hate it. Weird!!! :) But whatever. :)

    Happy Monday!

    1. That is totally weird.
      Just makes you want to know why huh :)

  4. Oh I was the opposite - I could not stand tuna when I was pregnant. just the smell would make me gag. also salmon. And the thing is, I LOVE both. Broccoli too for some reason.
    the one thing I always craved: green apples. No idea. I normal eat Macintosh.

    I thought of this one by Weird Al after I finished my post! LOL - love it.

    1. There we go again, the weirdness of it all :)
      Well at least the boy came out with his Omega whatevers :)

  5. I know I ate chocolates when I was pregnant but I think I've always loved chocolate.
    For some reason that was a non pareil phase.

    Good choice for Music Monday!

    1. With the boy I didn't like sweets. I wanted water and tuna. Jugs of water and tuna haha.

      Chocolate was eaten, just not remembered at all.

  6. I am NOT a tuna fan.... but marc is ;)

    1. Don't think I am either. Not sure how that happened :)

      Weird eh


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