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Let Her Go - 4Ms #Music - Sleepover Excitement

It has been an interesting weekend. The princess was invited to go to a sleepover at her best friend's home.
The boy begged to tag along. Poor dude. He needs to find his own buds.

He was able to go and the other mother was so nice she called up some nephews so my son wouldn't be the only boy there!
Let Her Go - 4Ms #Music
I haven't been alone without kids or husband since 2004!!! I did nothing fun. Just watched tv. YES I watched tv. A show I could actually watch as an adult! I watched Flowers In The Attic.

I called in the night to say goodnight. It was merely a second of: "Hi mom, goodnight, bye!"
You could tell they were having loads of fun!

I picked them up on my way to church this morning and they were still in pajamas! (I did tell them I'd be there around 10:15), and my sweet daughter looked at me and said: "Mom, why didn't you come later?" :)
No. They did not want to leave.

However, they didn't get much sleep and were no use in church.  Baby girl wanted to stay with me in big church, where she promptly feel asleep after the first worship song.
She did wake up for the message, but again on the way home, she fell asleep.

The moment we got home, she went straight to bed! NO LUNCH! Oh My!

The boy was awake and fighting sleep. He did not want to take a nap. I vetoed :)

They had a blast. They want to visit again.

Now when I was home and tried to call to say goodnight around 9pm, the phone kept going to voicemail.  After a three calls, I straight out almost panic! I'm not used to my babies being away. And letting them go was a harder thing to do. Trying not to call every hour was hard. When I finally got through, trying not to sound panic, the mother explained that her phone had died and so she was trying to get it charged and turned on again. Sigh of relief....and still caution.  Isn't it weird how things like that happens?

But they do leave, don't they.
However will I handle it.

Did your child/ren ever had a sleep over? 

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  1. I read that book Flowers in the Attic. Awesome & weird! My kids always wanted to stay over night at their friends or wanted friends staying over and having four kids I always had somebody home not necessarily all of my four, but usually four kids. LOL But I worked a lot so it was rough saying no a lot too. New song for me. Very cute. Have a great day my friend.

    1. I think I should read the book again.
      That was a hectic life eh Marie.
      Thanks for sharing.

  2. You need to chill and let them go. This world has too many helicopter parents, and you don't want to be one. I used to send my kids to a month long sleepover camp every summer. They loved it, and it was a great chance for my husband and I to recharge. My kids are now successful, independent adults, but I know some kids who couldn't leave mom and go off to college on their own. It's so sad when that happens. You need to let them go to sleepovers more often to teach them that they will be okay without you. You also need to have the other kids spend the night at your house. LOL!

    1. Hmm something to think about.
      I still don't think my 6 year old should go on sleepovers. It probably wont happen again until 6 or 7 months.
      The boy is 8 and at the age that I might consider such a thing.

      However of course we did do this just now, but yea, it wont be a regular to-do.

  3. I've gotten the 'why'd you come so soon?' thing too. :)

    I love that the mom invited boys over so your little one could play. She's a rocking aunt and host!

    1. Ahh so it's not just me :)

      She was very nice. She has always been so thoughtful.

  4. I remember my only sleepover I went to. I have always gone to bed early, so I fell asleep there early. The other hirls had fun with my unconscious body trying to get me to wet my sleeping bag. Didn't happen. In the morning, I was the only one awake and full of sunshine. I even got back in the pool. I was miffed at them for doing what they did, but I have always been quick to forgive.

    1. Ahh yes that doesn't sound nice at all.
      Kids eh.
      But it's true, sleep and being refreshed is a beautiful thing!

  5. they grow up so fast :)
    i remember the first time i went to a sleepover- i had my parents come get me as i was scared... lol...

    1. Ahh Noelle. I wondered if they'd have called me. Nope :)
      I'm glad they enjoyed the time though.

  6. ...and so it begins. It is hard to let go but let go you have to. I am glad they had a good time. Next time, do something fun for yourself.
    Great song too.

    1. Yea, I do need to find something fun for me.
      Gosh where did I go right?

  7. Interesting song - simple and succinct! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love this song!!
    My oldest has done sleepovers. He went to his friends' big birthday sleepover a couple of months ago -- six 9 year old boys!!! oye. They stayed up half the night. the mom wasn't impressed - LOL
    My 2 youngest are too young just yet -- they say they want to go, but then chicken out when it arrives.
    I just hosted son's friend this weekend. They went to sleep no problem -- but they did wake up at 5 am. thankfully at 9 and 10 years, they are okay on their own for an hour.

    1. Ahh yes, we had one sleep over here and it turned out great. We did the mom stuff, movies, desserts , they played, chatted and what not, and then I told them it was bed time . :)

  9. I was just thinking about this the other day, when they would start having sleepovers. I'm not sure I'm going to do well with a dozen little dudes sleeping over here for future birthday parties. I know I used to do it all the time as a kid but I'm a girl, I don't know how boys roll. I do know my kids will be the ones calling to be picked up in the middle of the night though, they've never left us!

    1. Or maybe they might surprise you too :D

      But yea I'm much better with the girls, but I can make the boys comfy too. Not like they have to hang out with me :)

  10. I read the book years ago before parenthood. I tried to read the second book in the series after I became a mommy and just couldn't get into. The story line just bothered me too much at that point. It's funny how your thinking chances after you are mommy. lol BTW, thanks for spotlighting me as one of your featured bloggers. :) Let Her Go is a nice song choice for freebie style on the dance floor. Thanks for sharing & it was great fun to dance with you this morning!

    1. I am thinking to read the books. Hmm I wonder how I'll feel about them. I didn't remember the part in the movie with the teens together.

      Thanks Cathy. :)

  11. An absolute brilliant choice it

    Have a tanfasic week :-)

  12. Well I don't have any kids of my own so I can't offer much advice. However, my parents were really strict. They held on way too tightly...the first chance I got I rebelled. I sneaked out, went to parties, smoked..did crazy things as a teenager just so that I could have some freedom. Let them go...little by little, no matter what they will always be yours and will always come back to you.

    1. I understand those parents. I won't be them at all. Children should have reins to learn to be free.

      Thanks for sharing Tami.

  13. Sometimes they want a little change. It's great that you had time to yourself. :-)


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