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Wanderlust Series #Book Blast + #Win $25 Amazon GC

I just finished a review of a great book on the other page and I hope you check it out. I haven't reviewed in awhile.

What are you reading right now or can't wait to read? I'm back to reading Red Sea Rules. I want to get much out of it. So far it's hitting the nail on the spot.

Come have fun with the Wanderlust Series #Book Blast + #Win $25 Amazon GC

Wanderlust Series

From glamorous capitals to exotic playgrounds...couples are swept up in desire passion & lust. Genre: Erotic Romance

by Bella Ross

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About the author:

Bella Ross is a writer with many passions, two of which are writing and travelling. She wrote her first book (a novel) at eighteen a la Jackie Collins. But back then, unbeknownst to her, life was about to take her on a detour. As she set off on her new course, her dream of writing took a backseat and her entrepreneurial spirit flourished instead. But after many years of worldly pursuits, the urge to write returned and the time was right to follow her bliss.

She believes its never too late to follow your dreams/bliss. Her books/stories are her first attempt at erotic romance. She loves the genre and its endless creative possibilities. She likes pairing bold and dynamic (Alpha) men with sexy and strong women - which in her opinion - make for a hot and sizzling combination.

With her love of travel, it is no surprise that her 'Wanderlust Series' take place in glamorous capitals or exotic locales around the world. Its the perfect backdrop/setting for her characters to explore and indulge their lusts and passions, loves and desires. When she's not writing, she's reading, or gallivanting all over seeking new inspiration, or people watching while enjoying a latte at Starbucks and jotting down ideas.

She loves to hear from readers, and looks forward to interacting through her social media channels. You can also sign up for her mailing list to be notified about new releases and promotional offers.

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  1. I have never been to Tahiti but I think that would be a wonderfully romantic getaway,

  2. I do envy that you are able to read so many books. It's so awesome to take time out and read isn't it?

  3. If I had to make the choice I'd go to St Lucia or Barbados. Either would be romantic.
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  4. I would like to see Balize

  5. All entered, thanks for hosting. :)

  6. I would love to go to Tuscany.

  7. I would like to experience beaches in Australia

  8. I would love to go to New Zealand!


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