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Asking The Right Question #2

Be more concerned for God's glory than for my own relief.

I must admit that while I know this to be true, I can feel the selfishness inside wanting to resist. Which is when I need to remember Romans 8:28

When I'm in tough battles with life, I tend to wail: why me Lord? And the next best: "I don't deserve this!"

Those all seem normal, but it would be wise to ask better questions: How can God be glorified in this situation?
Ask God for grace to keep threading through until I can look back and learn and see his lessons.

Oh the day I get here, will be miraculous. Good thing I serve  miracle making God :)

Wouldn't it be wonders to see such a great miracle as he did in Psalm 136?

Lord help me to wait in your grace, so that I may glorify you in all circumstances.

Please stop by and visit Noelle. She needs big hugs right now.
Citizen Way

Yea though I walk through the valley
I know that You are always right beside me
And I will fear no evil
You're my rock
And my strength
You comfort me

Amazing grace how sweet the sound
I hear You singing over me
I once was lost but now I'm found
And it's beautiful
Amazing grace how sweet the sound
It covers every part of me
My soul is silent
I am found
And it's a beautiful sound

You carry me through the waters
Where Your peace clears away all my sorrow
And nothing can separate us from Your love
Oh, Your love it will always be

You were healing in the pain
You were shelter in the storm
Hallelujah You restore my soul
The Red Sea Rules: 10 God-Given Strategies for Difficult Times  -     By: Robert J. Morgan

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  1. They've got a nice harmony.

    I have to drive over the spot where my car spun out across the highway today to get to church. I'm scared. So dumb, I've driven that route more times than I can count, and I'm scared to drive it now. I hope that passes over QUICKLY!! I'm about to pray for God to take that fear away from me. Instead of focusing on being safe, I'm scared of the 'could have beens,' isn't that silly??

    I'm headed over to visit Noelle.

    Have a beautiful Sunday!

    1. Thank you Rosey.

      I understand exactly what you mean.
      Just pray and HE will definitely take your fear away.
      But indeed it is normal for us to have that reaction after such a scary event.

      I hope soon it will pass quickly too and I'll help you pray.

      It was a beautiful Sunday even though it rained all day :)

  2. What an absolutely beautiful song music/words and all. Thanks for sharing.


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