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Cute Valentine’s Day Crafts To Woo Your Sweetie Pie!

I wish I was the artsy crafty type. I'm just not...well not that kind artsy anyway. However I can hold my own in following instructions to get a good outcome in any project.

Do you make crafts with your children?

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to organize a craft session with your children—there is nothing better than getting something handmade by someone you love!

To show your love this holiday, Country Woman—the #1 Country Lifestyle Magazine for women who live in or long for the country—has put together a collection of adorable Valentine’s Day crafts you can make with your friends and your kids.

Here are a few of Country Woman’s fun and easy DIY Valentine’s Day craft projects with simple step-by-step instructions:

Cute as a Button Valentine’s Cards:
Use up some buttons from your stash in this adorable paper craft. It’s a charming way to let a crafty friend or family member know how much you care. Simply print and cut out a design of your choice and glue it to a larger square cut from colored card stock. Using a needle and thread stitch a few pretty buttons to impress your Valentine’s Day sweetie.
For a full list of instructions and materials, please visit:
Paper Craft this Valentines Day Card

Yarn Hearts: 
Simple yarn hearts look absolutely lovely decorating your window, wreath or Valentine's Day gift. These crafts are so fast and easy to make you can craft them by the adorable dozens! First, cut the wire and bend it into a heart shape. Start wrapping the yarn around the wire, pulling it across the sides. Make sure when trimming the yarn you leave enough so this adorable craft is able to hang. For a list of materials, visit:
Yarn-wrapped wire hearts in red and blue

Edible Arrangements: 
Who doesn’t love a gift that is edible? Using a pineapple and kiwi, you can give your valentine a delicious and creative gift this holiday. Cut both fruits into a heart shape using a cookie cutter. Place the kiwi in the middle of the pineapple and use a food skewer to run through the middle, holding it in place. Tie the fruit in a plastic bag, and add a personalized note for your special person. For step-by-step instructions, see:
Valentine's Day Edible Arrangements Craft

Banana Candy Bag Label:
This fun paper craft makes a great gift for any family member or friend. Print out a downloadable label that you can find on Country Woman’s website. Fold a piece of decorative card stock horizontally and glue on the label. For a cute effect, ad a monkey sticker on the label. Lastly, fill the bag with banana candy to complete your “I’m bananas for you” gift. For a full how-to, check out:
Valentine's Day Candy Holder

If you want to fall in love with more craft ideas this Valentine’s Day, visit: or download the digital version of Country Woman on the iPad, Nook, Kindle or Google Play & Android.

Do you make crafts with your children?

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  1. Too cute! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  2. These are all great ideas!! I'm not crafty either, not one bit, but I still get in there and do it. The kids do love their crafts, don't they!! :)

    1. Yes they do!
      And I love their zeal for it. Makes me wonder if I was ever that way :)

  3. How adorable are all those Valentine crafts!? I remember back in the day when we used to have our Valentine's Day parties and pass around Valentines to everyone; these would have been a hit for sure :)

    1. I think the kids still do this. Last year I did pencil craft for all the kids :)


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