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Five Earring Trends for 2014

Five Earring Trends for 2014 

A new year brings new fashion trends. Jewelry accessories follow suit as new design concepts and colors come onto the scene. Jewelry designers like Chan Luu have debuted some exciting new styles and trends for earrings in particular including blue hues, yellow gold, minimalist jewels, geometric shapes, and stud earrings.

1. Blue Hues 
Beautiful blues such as topaz, sapphire, turquoise and tanzanite have continued to have a large
presence in jewelry this year. This eye-catching color in earrings draws attention toward the face and
can beautifully complement your clothing and other accessories.

2. Yellow Gold 

The classic, regal look of yellow gold has made a comeback. Earrings made from this precious metal can be worn with almost anything, making yellow gold a very versatile commodity. They can be dressed up with evening wear or worn casually with jeans and a fashion top. They can be embellished with jewels or stones to add color or visual interest. Whether in the form of a hoop or dangle earring, yellow gold is a fashionable look this year.

3. Minimalist Jewels

Some ear jewelry can be ornate and intricate—and they are beautiful! That being said, simple and
understated jewelry designs are appealing as well. A fashion trend emerging this year is a minimalist
approach to earring design. Clean lines and sleek silhouettes characterize this jewelry trend. Some
examples of this type of earring accessory are the following:

 Jewel or stone studs
 Simple metal shape studs (e.g. heart, circle, letter, etc)
 Small hoops
 Small pendants

Minimalist jewelry is effortless to wear; they complement any outfit easily as they blend inconspicuously into any look.
4. Geometric Shapes 

Bold patterns have arrived and made a big impression in the fashion industry. Statement earrings now
embrace these geometric (and often colorful) accents. Beads and jewels in earrings follow geometric patterns of pyramids, circles, and squares. Arrangements of black and white stones in accessories are
becoming very popular. Also in-trend is tribal inspired jewelry with earthy green, red, and neutral tones.
These pieces are often striking and add style to your look.

5. Simple Studs 

Studs are popular for many reasons. They are easy and comfortable to wear. They are extremely
versatile; they can be worn for all kinds of occasions—from going to class to getting married, and
everywhere in between! They are also often budget-friendly, making these fashion must-haves
accessible to many. In addition to these attractive features, studs have developed their own jewelry
You can buy studs of almost any color, shape, design or size. Because they are available in so
many varieties, the studs you choose to wear can make a statement about who you are. You can make
statements about your personality, your political beliefs, your lifestyle, your marital status, your favorite interests, hobbies, and colors. The list can go on and on. Studs are a definite fashion “go” this year.
Fresh jewelry styles have arrived for the New Year. You can give your wardrobe a lift with earrings that follow these fashion trends. Whether with striking blue hues or understated designs, geometric shapes or yellow gold bling, the accessories you choose can complement your style and update your look.

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  1. It's a good thing you posted this subject. I went looking for some nice earrings and was stunned how most of them are very colorful. Now I see that they are the style...

    1. I've always wanted the colorful! :)
      Glad this is helpful!

  2. I am not an earring person, but that being said... MY MOM LOVES THEM ...
    all sorts of shapes and colors

    1. I'm not either. I love them, but wearing them is another matter. My ear get infected. Seems I'm allergic to whatever they use in them....


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