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How I Turned An Embarrassing Event Into A Children's Book

How I Turned An Embarrassing Event Into A Children's Book by author C. JoVan Williams

 Chef ReCee Jay & Friends is a children’s book series that Clarice Williams, whose pen name is C. JoVan Williams, self-published with Createspace on Amazon.

Clarice is not a professional chef and the only furry little friends that she talk to, are the characters she created for this book series.

On her website,, she shares videos, recipes, and comics featuring the characters from her book. In her latest book, Uncle Bear’s Mystery Valentine, the main character in the story, Uncle Bear, finds himself in a pickle.

Someone has mysteriously left him a Valentine’s Day gift on his front porch and he doesn’t know what to do or what to even give in return! His friends come over to help him out.
Do you think they will succeed in helping him leave a gift for this mystery Valentine and finding out just who it is?

Mrs. Williams talks about the inspiration behind the book. “When I was in the fifth grade, our class asked for volunteers for a Secret Santa gift exchange, where the participants agree to exchange gifts for a name that is picked out of something like a hat.

Well, it was my first time being allowed to celebrate a holiday because of the religion we used to be a part of, so without thinking it through, I put my name in the hat too. Not really understanding what the exchange was all about. I just thought I was getting a gift and if I didn’t like it, I can give it to the person’s name I picked. Weird right? Anyway, our family didn’t have extra money for my foolishness, so I tried making a paper doll for my gift recipient but that was an epic fail.

I apologized and told her I didn’t have any money and she figured as much, but didn’t hold it against me. We’re still friends until this day! If only I could have made some sugar cookies or something easy as a treat, then I’m sure that would have went over a whole lot better! Well, that’s how I came up with Uncle Bear’s Mystery Valentine and just decided to put a different holiday spin on it rather than Christmas.”

What people are saying:
It is an endearing story of three friends and their plan to find out the secret Valentine. The story is narrated in pictures like comic strips.

The illustrations are colorful and lively. It gives a personality to all the characters in the story and breathes life into the scenes.

It is a good bedtime story for children.

The scenes are descriptive, helping children visualize the scenes with clarity. The book also tells children about friendship and how friends help each other whenever necessary.

- Reader’s Favorite
You can purchase the books on Amazon or if you’re local to the South Jersey and Philadelphia area, you may be able to catch her at a local bookstore or store. Her social media pages are updated regularly with event information.
Image of C. JoVan Williams
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  1. This book looks very cute, and I think my daughter would love to read it! I love that the author used an embarrassing personal experience as the basis for the book, too!

  2. What a cute book! sometimes i wish my kids were younger so we can read them stories like this..

  3. Sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm always on the look for new books for my little ones! Thanks for sharing! Looks like a cute book

  5. What a cute book and I like how the idea came from the author's personal experience. My kids love bears and would enjoy reading this book.

  6. Sounds like a great Character development book for little kids and understand friendship and the different cultures of people. My son would enjoy this.

  7. glad she was able to turn her experience into something awesome

  8. I like that there's a recipe inside and a coloring book! I think my son would like this.

  9. Sounds like an awesome story and the book's cover looks really cute and attractive. Great review.

  10. This does sound like a wonderful story for children and adults as well.

  11. Sounds like a great book for kids. I love that you were able to take a situation and make it a story!

  12. This looks like such a cute book! I know some kids who would love it!

  13. What a rich history behind the book! I like the Valentine's Day theme for it's not easy to find a good Valentine's Day book for the kiddos.

  14. sounds like a cute story, one my kids would enjoy!

  15. That book looks super cute. We will have to check this one out.

  16. This is very cute. My kids love books.

  17. Cute story. I think my daughter would love it.

    Michelle F.

  18. I loved reading all the great comments! I had a great time writing this story and I hope readers will continue to enjoy my other stories that are coming up soon! :)

  19. I like the head line, "How I Turned An Embarrassing Event Into A Children's Book"
    I can comprehend with that, although mine would be something like: "how I turned deadly situations into learning sessions by using them in my children's bed time stories....
    haha - Way to go Mrs. Clarice Williams.


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