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Soccer Waka Movements Of Life And Fun

Soccer season has begun again. I will be even busier driving here and there to get my kids where they need to be on time.

My children only have one activity each, and trying to get them not to clash is a miracle!
If I'm so busy moving them from point A to B with only two activities, I can only imagine the child that has a full calendar!

I think one activity is enough. Children choose what they want to do and get time to enjoy their childhood.
Being kids is only for so long and we as adults should not take that away from them.

So in the spirit of all that football talk, let's dance to it! WAKE UP MONDAY! THEME: FREEBIE

This is one of my kids favorite songs. You should see me dance to this one! Oh yea!
Soccer Waka Movements Of Life And Fun
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  1. The kids sports schedule can really work a parent over. Wishing you a great week.
    Happy Monday!

    1. Thank you Lynn :) And the same for you!

  2. I think the internet ate my first comment!
    great song!
    and great philosophy about kids schedules -- we don't over schedule our kids either. One activity a week, especially on a school night, is enough.

    1. Haha I know the internet does that to me sometimes too. I've learned to Ctoclipboard before sending comment :)

      Thank you Rory :)

  3. I love love love that song!!! Way ta go girlfriend. Thanks again for that information Callie. When I get back from the store I'll write you an e-mail, but we want to run before the snow gets worse. It's coming down in droves!!!!! HUGS Love your choice... I actually wrote down the words one time so I'd remember hahahaha I wish I could've done schedules for my kids well I sorta did, but I was working all the time :( so I really couldn't.

    1. Thanks Dolly and no problem. I'm a mom and I know how life gets at times. No rush at all.

      You did good mama. Now you have wonderful adult kids with grandkids to enjoy. It's a blessing to see them.

  4. Good luck w/the soccer schedules. :) They won't start that up here until warm weather rolls back around. My husband is thinking we should try T-Ball instead (he was a baseball nut all through school). My son's too young to care much, he said either is fine w/him. We'll see how it goes. :)

    1. Thanks. I"m already fizzy with the long drive coming up.
      Good luck with whatever your little one chooses. Because when they choose it, it means we choose it :)

  5. You know, I never got or still don't get why some parents feel the need to fill their child's schedules to the max. Kids do need time to just be kids. You know it, if parents are stressed with all the added activities that the kid(s) are, too. Just doesn't make sense at all. Anywho, I'm not much of a soccer fan, but I hope your kiddo has a wonderful season. What a great, fun song to rock start the day off!

    1. I agree Cathy, if we are stressed, then the kids are overstressed.
      Thank you and have a great week!

  6. I know what you mean about it being hectic.
    We have baseball and karate now - both things he wanted to do... lucky for us karate is only 1 time a week for less than an hour...
    I want him to be a kid... but I also want him to try out all the sports he is interested in, so he can decide what he really likes before he makes a longer commitment

    1. That's what I want. I do want them to try the sports so they can choose , but one at a time and they still choose. If they don't want to continue, then they choose something else only after the whole season is over.

      Such a balance eh because the times fly by

  7. As for the sports thing it is hard.

    My son is a junior in high school and thinks that baseball is his ticket. I know that he is better in track but I will not say anything to him as I want him to figure it out himself.

    As for being hectic. My son plays high-school baseball and my daughter (who is a senior in high school) is on the high-school track team. Last year, they had events in cities that were two hours apart. The fun thing is that my daughter was a thrower and if I went to her track meet it was an all-day thing.

    Got the same this year.

    1. I love that you let him figure it out himself. That way they don't do the blame of , he wanted me to do it. Plus they have to live with the choice.

      However your schedule is tight! Wow.

      I've heard so many parents wanting to be with both kids but can't and so much harder when one spouse is out working or on another schedule.

  8. Soccer is in our family, although T tried it and want to continue.. I've decided to downgrade her to two three activities a week. :-)


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