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The Girly Things And Pink It Is

Sometimes when my daughter gets A's all week or month I'll treat her to her favorite color. I tell her to pick one from the shelf at the store.

I rarely do my nails. I can't stand to see the chipped nails after a few days and then I'm too lazy to clean them off and do it again. So they just remain polish free most of the time.

Sometimes I do the baby girl's nails. She also likes to do them by herself and that goes into OVERDO! And trying to get her to not get the floors and counters messy is a constant watch process.

She loves when they are done, but there is a stretch of perfectionist in her and sometimes I feel she wont even like my unprofessional designs.

She did like this though.

It was done during our mom-daughter date night. We have our night every Tuesday.

 I'm sure we'll be having lots of mommy daughter adventures :)

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  1. Those are super cute. And hurrah for mommy/daughter dates!! I love that you do them every week!!

    1. Thank you Rosey. I love our times together!
      And she did love the nails. I'm glad. She is rather peculiar :)

  2. I don't polish nails much, either. Sometimes I think the polish actually causes my nails to break easier, which I hate because I have a difficult time growing mine. Anymore if I just them go they seem to do better than if I pamper them. Isn't that crazy?

    1. Sounds crazy but it's true. The harsh chemicals in these products can be disagreeable to our skin, nail and hair.

      Thanks Cathy!

  3. I use to get my nails done along with a pedicure. Pedicure always cuz I cannot bend that far because of my back, but since my husband has been laid off I stopped all that to cut corners, and those two were the first I cut. Now I maneuver some how to keep the toes trimmed at least & if I can't hubby helps. My nails I just file them now and then when they get split or chipped. I'm like you honey to lazy for all that polish stuff. LOL She is too cute with her pink and white. You're such a good Mommy!

    1. That is understandable Dolly. What a sweet husband!
      Thanks for sharing :)

  4. mommy - daughter fun is always great memories ;)

    1. Thanks Noelle.
      Hopefully she'll still want to hang out as she gets older :)


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