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War Of The Heavens: Leviathan by Charbel Tadros

War Of The Heavens: Leviathan by Charbel Tadros

A writer, especially a writer of fiction and fantasy, is a god in his own right. Through words and expressions, he weaves his own universe complete with his version of absolutely anything. However, only a very strong emotion or sense of realization can trigger the Big Bang of the author’s mind and send him on a journey through the expansion of his personal universe.

For me, the strong emotion which sent me stumbling through the new universe of Leviathan was the sudden death of a very dear friend.

Nader was a dear friend. Regardless of the fact that he came from a very well respected family, he was one of the few who could be termed angels on earth. He composed and played some of the most heavenly music and his personality was a perfect combination of leadership, friendliness and an unbounded dedication to what is true and right in the world.

Unfortunately, between a day and the other, he regained his true angel form along with his mother and father in a tragic car accident. However, they left behind them his youngest brother Nabil who, through sheer willpower and divine resilience, overcame the tragedy way better than was ever expected. It is Nabil who was the main inspiration behind the personality of Nigel in Leviathan and Nader who later became Nick, his brother.

Truly, an author is a god in his own accord. He even has the complete power of life and death over all the characters in his novels. However, what I would consider the biggest blessing in writing is the fact that I was able to resurrect my friend in Leviathan, the first installment of the War of the Heavens trilogy.

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About the Author:

Charbel Marcellino Tadros was born on July 16, 1988. He is an avid reader and has been writing since a very young age. He holds a BA in English Pedagogy from the Lebanese University and is working on his MA in Special Education at Notre Dame University.

He currently is the Career Counselor at Eastwood College in Mansourieh, Lebanon and is a freelance contributing writer for many different magazines and blogs including the Red Carpet Magazine. For more information, Charbel is almost always available to answer his mail.

He can be contacted through charbel.tadros{at} or through In 2010, Charbel published his first novel, “The Destined Journey”, which turned out to be a success in Lebanon and the world. Later on, he published a spiritual poetry collection entitled “When the Spirit Speaks”. Most recently, he published “Leviathan”, the first part of his “War of the Heavens” series.  

Charbel Tadros is a founding member in the WataniY and SeedArz organizations. He was a charter member in the Lions Clubs International and was the founding president of the Angel Guardians. He has been in many local and international interviews talking about his earlier publications and has lectured about many topics including spirituality, teaching, special education and career planning. Currently, he lives in Brummana, Lebanon with his wife Christine. 

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