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Big #Giveaway - $500 In Gift Cards - THREE Winners!

Oh what I wouldn't do with $500 right now! We are teetering on the edge of financial collapse I believe. $500 would give me about 8 weeks of groceries. It could help out with little bills too like electric and water. 
What about you? 

What would you use your winnings for? 

Come enter in the Big $500 Gift Cards #Giveaway - THREE Winners! 
This is a GREAT Giveaway being Hosted by

A Little Bit of Everything


 Stop by and make sure to say THANK YOU to these wonderful people who helped bring you this $500 Gift Card Giveaway   

 ONE lucky person will win $300 One Lucky person will win $150 One Lucky Person will win $50 That's a total of $500 to be given away as a Visa gift card. If the winner prefers amazon, please let me know when you win.   

 Now Go ahead and enter thru March 31. Make sure to come back daily and get those daily entries as well. Those do add up FAST.    a Rafflecopter giveaway

JamericanSpice is not responsible for the fulfillment of any prizes! 

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  1. We have five birthdays in the family this month, I'd use the win to buy presents. :)

    1. Ooh yes you definitely need help! That is a lot of birthdays.

  2. I am remodeling my bedroom and this money would be great for decorations

    Holly Hook

  3. I'd use the giftcard towards getting a carseat for my youngest.

  4. I will use the gift card for new towels, books for myself, and presents for the grandchildren.

  5. If I won, I would totally use the card to buy new clothes for my son. We are going through the closet now and he has outgrown most of them!

  6. I want to run away from the real world for a while! I'd use the gift card to help finance a trip to goof off in San Francisco!
    sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

  7. I would use the gift card to splurge on a shopping spree. I need a garmin gps for my car!

  8. I would use the gift card to purchase a new pair of much needed prescription eyeglasses.

  9. I wanna get a new cell phone.

  10. I would use this for kid's summer clothes and camping supplies.

  11. I need to catch up on bills and help the kids; we're having twins.

  12. I would use the money to stock pile some household goods like canned food, diapers, etc.

  13. I would use it to buy diapers for my granddaughter.

  14. Just realized I am a few words short, so am repeating--would buy diapers for my granddaughter.

  15. I will use the gift card on our next vacation trip for things like gas and food


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