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Mommy's Chore Buster - Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle - #MrCleanMorePower

I have this new man muscle in my home. It's downright tough on stains and bad things that make me have to work harder and longer at cleaning!

My muscle came in a box with a glow stick attached that my kids fell in love with! I still haven't taken out the glow thingy. I was more interested in the liquid muscle that would help with my cleaning this past weekend!

I clean on Saturdays. It goes faster with no kids and loud music. It's even better with the right cleaning products.
I've heard so much about Mr Clean and probably have tried one product of the brand but not others. I was so glad to be able to use the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle for all the chores this week.  It's a multi-purpose cleaner which I can used everywhere!
For the kitchen I used the liquid muscle on the sponge for cleaning counters, stove tops and kitchen sinks.
In the bathroom, I used the liquid muscle with the bucket and a different sponge, for cleaning the sinks , showers and other surfaces. I wish the sponged had a harder side for scrubbing though, it would helped with some of the caked on messes.  Because it doesn't have a scrub surface, I'll keep the sponge for the kitchen and use a different scrub pad for the bathroom.

I love cleaning my kitchen. I don't mean giggly love. Just that I like it better than cleaning anywhere else in the house.  I beamed at my clean kitchen when it's done. And I want to get it dirty before the other people in the house.
Yea! Mr Clean Liquid Muscle is king of my sink!
Cleaning the bathrooms are my least favorite. I despise toilet and shower cleaning. I think it's because of how long it takes for me to get it all done. I have to scrub, rinse and dry; sinks, toilets and showers. You'll never find me wiping showers down. It has to be scrubbed. It's hard work! It hurts back, arms, legs and etc.
Let's not talk about the toilet! Ew on many levels and I have boys! I despise the toilet cleaning! Good thing I have miracle gloves and bleach!

However despite all that cleaning needed in the bathrooms, I'll be using the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle more often in my kitchen.

The every day messes that are easier to clean, but still annoying would be: wiping up the bathroom sink in the mornings, cleaning the stove tops, counter tops and dining table. It's not much of a power clean, but I'm sure it will be easier with Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle.

This is an easy to use product that gets the job and something I can add to our cleaning rituals.

All in all the Mr Clean Liquid Muscle is easy to use, smell great and fits our family perfectly!

Where in your home do you have more dirt and grime daily?
What are one or two easy tips you use to clean up?
Use Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle Meadows & Rain Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Febreze to eliminate odors with the aroma of a fresh downpour. Plus, create a welcoming environment and a sparkling one. With two and a half times more power than regular all-purpose cleaners, this innovative liquid gel penetrates dirt and lifts it away. Plus, the unique dosing cap ensures not a single drop gets wasted. Dilute it in water or apply directly to a sponge or surface. Either way, it packs a lot of muscle for such a small bottle, so less is more.

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle Meadows & Rain Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Febreze:

  • For counters, stoves, floors, tables and more
  • So the only thing left behind is a refreshingly pure scent, for all to enjoy
  • Does not contain phosphates, chlorine, bleach or ammoni

Hashtag: #MrCleanMorePower

This is a sponsored post from the SheSpeaks/Mr. Clean Campaign. I received the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle kit to facilitate this review! 

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  1. LOL, I love to clean, and the kitchen is one of my favorites too, though the library is my first favorite (I like dusting all of the books). :)

    Hurrah for Mr. Clean!!

  2. I have to confess, but please don't tell my husband. I have been having an affair with Mr. Clean for years. I totally love that man, and anything and everything he does just turns me on. I love everything he makes especially his erasers. This is new. Shame on him from hiding this from me. Thanks for spilling the beans! Great job my friend! HUGS


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