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Never Gonna Give You Up Weekend

I came home from the store singing this song. I have no idea why. It was just in my mind the whole time. So I went to find it and had fun with it just as I did so many years ago.  Y'all remember this one? Maybe it was the best one of his? Then I want all Astley :) Seems he is evening aging well or is he dead?

Theme: FREEBIE so share whatever music you like.

This weekend has been crazy. On Thursday I got the feeling that Monday would roll around and I'd wonder where the weekend went.  And sure enough I'm sitting here wondering just that.

Friday no school for the kids. Something about parent teachers conference.  So it was a long weekend of library, going to the store, soccer and church and worship choir.

I will get time to just be, but it would be nice to really rest on Sunday.

The boy's team lost both games. But it's not too much of a disappointment because they play better teams than their skill level so they can learn. I like their learning program.

I hope the boy is evaluated better than I evaluate him.

I'm glad they are in small teams and the coaches actually know who they are.

We had to miss church because of soccer, but the message is posted online. I hope I get to listen.
athletics,kicking,legs,leisure,people,players,recreation,running,soccer balls,sports,uniforms
All in all I love having more time with my children.

Hope y'all have a good weekend.

Welcome to today's music.  I hope Monday find you with a smile and music to begin your week with light steps. 
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  1. It is a catchy tune, and I'll probably be singing it myself for the next few days! Thanks loads Girlfriend! LOL You know what though... look at this guy.. would you think that this voice would come out of him??? The voice just doesn't fit the face & body to me... LOL Cute song though. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Those were the days huh.
      Glad he had his chance though.
      Makes me wonder what he does now.

  2. Sorry to hear your boys lost two games, but it is a learning curve the have to go through and I agree with you - what better way to learn then from more experienced players. "Never Gonna Give You Up" is an oldie but goody - thanks for taking me back. Hope you had a restful weekend - seems like you deserve it! Springs is almost here!

    1. Thank you!
      Haven't caught up with the rest as yet, but hey it's life. Live it right?

      Spring is here...well more like summer heat! haha.

  3. Who could forget his dance to this heheh! it was a massive hit here in the UK

    Have a tanfabulous week ahead :-)

    1. I think back in the day it was the same in our country too :)

  4. What a good get-up-to-your-feet tune to dance to this morning! I like this song, but I have to ask when you look at the artist do you think his voice just doesn't belong to him? I don't what it is, but every time I see Rick Astley that is exactly what I am thinking. lol The weekend disappeared too quickly on me, too. DH's work schedule use to be he had every other Friday off, which gave us a long weekend together. I loved that! Now, it just feels like we don't have much time together at all. I sure do miss the way things were, but...I'm happy that he has a good job right here in town. That's a huge blessing! Great to share the dance floor with you, Callie! Keep the music flowing all day long! ;)

    1. YES! His voice coming out is so not expected! I can see why he got to sing.
      sometimes life changes like that Cathy, but it will change again and definitely a blessing to have a good job.


  5. That is a wonderful tune. I can see why it got stuck in your head. As for soccer making you miss church. I hate it when they schedule these games to take the time away from our Lord. I think they do it purposefully to keep people from their weekly worship.

    1. Thank you Danielle.
      Yea I wish things would stick to Mon - Sat and leave me my Sunday to just worship and lazy around.

  6. Improving skill is what soccer is all about.

  7. Enjoyed it! I'm putting this video on a youtube fave list.

  8. I remember that song. I'm surprised you're old enough to remember it!!

    Busy weekends are nice, so are relaxing ones. ;)

    We've got a little one down and out w/the flu. No fun at all, but he seems on the road to recovery today. woohoo! :) We're on Spring Break, so at least he's not missing school.

    Good luck w/the soccer!!

    1. Music doesn't seem to have an age Rosey. :)
      And I am old....ish.

      So much better to handle the sickies during Spring break that struggle during school, so they can sleep in longer.

      Hope he feels better soon so he can enjoy the time off!

      Thanks :)


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